Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My wrists are wearing!

Hey everyone,
                        I haven't really done a fashion post yet so I will do one on my lovely brand new bracelets!
So the first one is a shamballa bracelet as I said in my blog post I loved these bracelets. I have a pair of pink shamballa earrings maybe I will do a post on them but I was longing for the bracelet. My mum being the mum she is bought me it for an early Easter gift. She got it from the local chemist (strange) but you can get these bracelets anywhere. It has lovely pink sparkly stones in it and there is a silver background round it. It has like a rope wire background or whatever that you just pull to tighten and pull out to get it off. This has seven coloured balls and four smaller silver balls. The other bracelet is from my friend Taylor it's soo pretty. I have been wearing it for ages it's just black with a nice black and white love heart. Her mums friend made this bracelet for all of Taylor's friends and Christmas and I have been wearing it since. It is just a stretchy bracelet which is easy to put on and off. I like the kind of glass sparkly stones on it!

Lots of love,

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