Saturday, 28 April 2012

Top 10 favourite lip products!

Hey everyone,
                      I've been wanting to do a post for ages and finally I can do one. Okay, so I have 10 lip products I chose that are my favourites out of my collection. Right so here's the line up of products:

Going from the left-

Jemma Kidd lip gloss Coral, Revlon lip butter lollipop, Revlon lip butter Creme Brulee, Revlon lip butter Sweet Tart, Revlon lip stick Rosy Nude, Revlon lip stick Rich Raisin Fros, Mac lip stick Girl Out Town, Mac lip stick Satin, Mac lip stick speed dial, Benefit mini lip gloss life on the A list.

Jemma Kidd lip gloss Coral- A glossy coral no sparkle or shimmer.
Revlon lip butter lollipop- Pink with a blue undertone strong and pigmented.
Revlon lip butter Creme Brulee- Nude with yellow based undertone.
Revlon lip butter Sweet Tart- Pretty pink with a sort of shimmer.
Revlon lip stick Rosy Nude- A nude with a sory of rose through it.
Revlon lip stick Rich Raisin Fros- Rich brownish colour.
Mac lip stick Girl Out Town- Dark pink matte.
Mac lip stick Satin- Dark red matte very pigmented.
Mac lip stick speed dial- Pale pink kind of sheen.

Lots of lip stick kisses,

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