Saturday, 28 April 2012

Twitter HACKER!

Hey everyone,                       I'm not sure if any of you guys have been effected by this hacker going round twitter. He sent everyone in my message contacts a message about a rumor that has been spreading about them then if you click the link you get hacked. Okay, someone sent me the message and of course I was worried I stupidly clicked this link. Then the next day I saw the messages going around and today well they changed my password. I would advice to change your password and if I sent you that message ignore it please. I'm really annoyed so if it's you or someone you know I'm not your fan! I love twitter and can't tweet now or post anything which I am very mad at. My best friends got the link and clicked it which now guess what happens! I am just very sad and feel very down so this twitter HACKER should go away and stop messing up accounts! If it's you I can't explain how much I am not a fan.


  1. This happened to me and I stupidly clicked the link to...and well you know what happens, I was hacked, I quickly realised and changed my password so fingers crossed everything is sorted, I hope you get your account sorted to, and who ever is doing this is clearly so pathetic they have nothing better to do with their time! xx

    1. I didn't change my password and that's good that it's all sorted for you xxxx