Friday, 6 April 2012

Remeber these! All that shimmers Benefit Swatches&review

Hey everyone,
                     All that shimmers! Gosh I found these in my room while I was spring cleaning. They were unopened how could I not open it! You can still get these luster dusters at boots at the Benefit counter. I got these for Christmas from my friend the set was £27.00! So can see my friend is very generous gift and I was mad at her for spending so much.

The packaging is really cute and I guess expensive looking! This is another Benefit product that I am in love with the packaging and if it ran out I would probably keep the box. It has a slide open case or whatever you call it. Loads of people say that the packaging is cheap and tacky but to be honest I am in love.

 From the top Punk Royalty, Snow Bunny last but not least moon doggie

The thing that I was amazed by was the pigmentation for a loose eyeshadow. I don't always use loose powders and products because it takes such effort. But on a night out I do like to make an effort and they always look really pretty on. They have more colours of luster dusters like Go Go Girl, Boom Boom, Cloud 9 and Jelly Roll but they're singles not sets. You can get the singles HERE! I am not sure if they sell all that shimmers anymore but you can try and get them somewhere.
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