Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New! Paul's Boutique&My Paul's Noutique wishlist

Hey everyone,
                         So I am doing a post on my new fashion item from Paul's Boutique which I love and a reason for doing this post. I'm working on a LUSH haul but I have lost my camera! But I have used my phone for this picture. I wonder if I should use all of my LUSH products in my bath or just leave it as it is. I went up to Glasgow Braehead and visited LUSH and Bank (they sell Paul's Boutique there). I was going to buy this jacket:

But I didn't like the way it fitted me and it was too big at the length of the sleeves but it was tight at the shoulders. I texted my mum a picture and she said it was too flashy and my dad hated it and thought I would look tacky. I don't really think it looks tacky and all but it was a put of at the size. I am glad I never ordered this online!!! If you like the look of this click HERE! But remeber to try it on first.

I can't say I left empty handed I took away the small skull print hoody:

Mine has a different pattern thing on it but it has the say lettering and background. It's so cosy on and feels like a warm fuzzy fleece. I love the zips to the jumper things because they're easier to put on and off. I wear this every single day almost and am still excited to whip it on.


I love love love this hoody what do you think?


                                                                           Lots of love,

My Pauls Boutique wishlist:

The Paul's Boutique Website

Sorry my Wishlist was so long! My laptop has done something funny like opened the space so wide and if I left it it would look weird. Anyway I post I'm planning to do is What's in my smaller bag soon and what I mean by that is what I take on a day I am not doing much. I'm really mad at my laptop for this cause I still have like tons of space in this little post soooo..... I am very sorry.

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