Wednesday, 11 April 2012

LUSH Haul!

Hey everyone,
                     Who's ready for a LUSH haul! I did a take a bath post recently and I got a comment from Rianne saying that she loved my LUSH products so I decided to buy some while I was up in Glasgow. At the LUSH in Glasgow they still have Easter items and Mothers day items which was very lucky for me. I bought 5 sweet products so here they are:



                                                       ❣The Carrot ❣
The Carrot is a reusable bubble bar I haven't ever tried one before. I think you get 3 maybe 4 uses out of this. Shakira made the scent for The Carrot, using fruity essential oils of buchu, which has a lovely blackcurranty scent, together with lemon and bergamot to give this carrot an unexpectedly tropical touch. Lots of people did bad reviews on this and I am one of them! I hate the colour it turned my bath it was like a yellowish orange. The straw thing fell of so I couldn't work it anymore. I hate this product LUSH and the scent didn't really smell that strong. Sorry LUSH I give this 4/10!

❣ Think Pink ❣

I love this who doesn't want a pink flirty smelling bath! It says you can use this when you feel bad and have your first heartbreak aww :( It smells like tonka and vanilla, with a hit of neroli which lifts you up from your sadness. I love the 3 little flowers on top they're so cute. I think that these use to be bigger but they are small now. I have used this in my tub it was really relaxing and my skin was smooth and soft.

❣  Butterball ❣

I buy this bath bomb EVERY single time I'm in LUSH. Mostly because it leaves my skin feeling the best it's ever been. It smells like sweet vanilla and cocoa butter which is one of my favourite combinations. I haven't used Butterball yet but as I said I buy it all the time so I have used one before. It leaves little particles of cocoa butter floating in the bath tub. It does leave the tub a little greasy but no fear Lucy just got out her Detol and scrubbed. I give this 7/10!

❣ The Immaculate Eggception ❣

I was really upset because The Immaculate Eggception broke as I was coming home from Braehead. It was £7 but I guess it's big you can get about 3 baths if you spilt the shell in half and then use the bath bomb inside. This has a mix of vanilla and citrus but it kinda smells of Twilight bath bomb. This is said to stain your bath as well awww :( I am getting fed up of Detol.

❣ A Token To The Forest Gods 

This is the last product and they're only £1.00 but they are kinda smallish things. It has the scent of sweet wild orange and grapefruit essential oils. This is like a bath bomb you drop it in water and it fizzes away. You know when you have a cold and your mum makes you put your head over hot water with a towel on your head well that's what you do. I have been told it leaves your skin fresh and clean.

Lots of Love,

P.S Remeber to pick up your LUSH Times!

Sorry about the quality of the last 2 photos xx

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