Monday, 9 April 2012

The Easter Stash&Traditions

Hey everyone,
                    I hope you all had a good Easter I got some things I just HAD to show you all! I don't like chocolate eggs I know it's strange but I usually get Lints chocolate bunnies and carrots. I love Lints chocolate it's so yummy whats your favourite chocolate? This year I didn't have an egg hunt :( I wanted one so bad kiddish right. But we did roll eggs down the hill does anybody else do that? Then we have to visit both of my Granny's and my lovely Auntie Lizzie. At my Granny Pat and Auntie Lizzie's house the whole of my mum's side of the family comes round. My mum had 12 brother and sister's so it is a little crowded with them and their children. At my Granny Pat and Auntie Lizzie's house we have lunch like Babka cake, Lemon curd, Olives, Jerkins, rolls, cakes and meats. Then we go to my other Gran on my dad's side of the family. They don't have a big family as my dad is an only child. My sister Emma was so excited for Easter that after visiting and a rack of roast lamb we had to watch 'Hop'.

My Easter Stash-

Being a Blogger I needed to take a picture of this before I ate it goodbye. It's really cute and had bright yellow and white chocolate I don't know if it would taste all that good. It had mini foiled eggs at the bottom as well.

I got this lovely little duck bank from Granny Pat and Auntie Lizzie. But it had a £20 note sticking out so I don't know what to buy. I am placing this on my bedside table. But I was spoiled because I got this cute pack of fruity earrings from New Look.

My gift from my mum and dad was Roi's Holographic nail kit.
Reviews coming soon!

      Lots of lovely love,


  1. Love those nail foils. You should so a review!! Also, I nominated you for a versatile blogger award on my blog! :D

    1. Thanks I am working on the post! I couldn't really figure out how to work them but when I have worked out what to do a reviews coming soon Lucy xx

  2. aww i love easter! looks like you had a great one! my mum still does an easter egg hunt for us even though im 25 and my brother is 21 haha! i think she enjoys hiding them the most! x

    1. awww your lucky I wanted one so badly! I hope you had a good Easter as well xx Lucy