Friday, 20 April 2012

TGIF: Weekly Photo's

Hey everyone,
                      I saw these up on blogger on Sunday and I wanted to do one. So I picked up some pictures from my twitter and wanted to show them on here. So here's some pictures I will explain later:

1. My Easter Basket mmm...I ate them all at last.
2. My Justin Bieber Phone Cover soo awesome.
3. My Ice Watch is broken I sent it in to get fixed.
4. Look what my mum made us for HER birthday!
5. My Cousin's 21st birthday look at the cupcakes.
6. My suprise roses loving the glitter.
7. My Create your own Converse do you like.
8. Uploading taking forever!
9. Healthy Breakfast before a another day.
10. My relaxing kit for Monday!

Lots of lovely love,

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