Monday, 16 April 2012

What's in my small bag!

Hey everyone,
                      It was my mums Birthday yesterday which was really fun.  We went out for dinner I got Enchiladas and then a toffeeholic which I didn't eat all of. I got her a new Revlon lip butter in Sweet Tart which is lovely on her. I love my mum so much she is caring and kind and knows what's best for me, I would be lost without my mum. Anyway I was trying to figure out which post to do and I just had my smaller bag beside me. This bag is like the bag I would take if I knew I wasn't doing much. I have a bigger bag that I take most of the time but as I said this lighter and has my needs in it.

This is a really small shoulder bag that is just really pretty. This has like a crocodile print on it and it's real black leather. This has a very long strap that you put over your shoulder which is really easy to carry. I forgot to mention this is from Nine West and I love all Nine West bags they're all very classy and pretty. Inside this had two compartments and I pocket at the back which is really a lot of room. I will go ahead and show you what the hecks inside:

My phone: Of course I have my phone in my bag! What can you do without your phone I mean nothing really. I still have a year left of my Orange Contract so I have to wait to get a new phone. I do love my Blackberry Curve it's really easy to use and I love my cover. It's Justin Bieber and has like a Justin Bieber signature on it. It's purple which I think is Justin's fave colour. I think the camera on this is kinda good better than some I have had.
My personal tin: I do have my tin of lady things in it which is kind of embarrassing. It's very cute and a good idea but only fits one little pad in it. This is from Bodyform from 'The Seven Collection'. I really love these tins and think they're a good idea. How embarrassing would it have been if your bag fell and your personal things came out!
My Paul's Boutique: I did a post on Paul's Boutique a few days ago and I now I've got a small purse from Paul's Boutique. It's very small so I put coins,cards and money folded over which is a lot really. This is in the colour Blush, yes it did have the key rings on it but they fell of! It's really easy to fit in this bag but if I was taking my bigger bag this would be my coin purse. It has a rip at the bottom of the leather which I can't tell you guys how mad I am about that!!! 
Revlon lip butter Creme Brulee: I did a review on this HERE! I have got lollipop but I just don't bring it in my bag. I like to just re-apply it as I always wear it all the time and it's just such an everyday colour. It's kind of yellow based which you will see in my review but it suits me. I love the way it looks in your bag you know what I mean! You know cause of the packaging is really cute, sturdy and classy.
Rose and almond Vaseline: Who doesn't carry Vaseline it's like an essential for me. When ever I get a cracked or chapped lips I pull this out and apply this. It's like so moisturising and it's just a love of mine. You can also use this when your shoes get too tight which is a great tip. This also smells really good it's almond and rose scent which I am in love with. I think this is tinted which is really un-usual for Vaseline but cool.
No7 High Shine Lip Gloss: This is in the shade whisper which is really pretty! It's a nude natural colour that is very wearable. This is really sticky but I like the sparkle and gloss it gives on your lips. I use this all the time and it's easy to use and apply. This has a small brush applicator which is easy to get good full lips. My sister got this but somehow she doesn't like it! She says she feels it far too sticky and doesn't like this exact shade.
Benefit Lust Duster loose eyeshadow: I did a review on this full set called 'All That Shimmers' HERE is the review. This is easy to use because you just put your finger in the jar and use it as a highlight. Oh! I use it as a highlight because the colour Snow Bunny is just like a sparkle on your eyes. It's actually easy to use and doesn't spill everywhere I would advise keeping the little plastic lid which is on top of the un-opened product(but I threw mines in the bin). The little pot is really cute and classy!
Collection 2000 Extreme Eyeliner: I've got no idea why I have a eyeliner in my bag as if I can stop and apply eyeliner well I guess in the bathrooms. This has a felt tip applicator which is really good and gives a fine line. Mine has sort of leaked though! It kind of went on my hands while I was applying it.
My back pocket:
A pen: I've got a pen in my bag is this normal but no pad. I think it's for jotting down ideas and all but it's pink. Nothing more to say about my pink pen.
A bracelet: My friend Taylor gave me this bracelet for Christmas and I love it! I wear this all the time it's so pretty. I just have it in my bag to pop it on anytime! That's the last item in my smaller bag.

                                                  Lots of Love,


  1. Hope your mum had a lovely birthday, you have some cute items in your handbag, love the revlon lip butters. Your bag is cutee too, love it. I love your blog sweetie, keep up the good work xx

    1. Thanks so much! I love the Revlon Lip Butters they're really smooth and creamy. I know I just love my Nine West bag! Lucy xxxxxx