Sunday, 29 July 2012

LUSH Emotional brilliance line!!!

Hey everyone,
                    As I'm in Poole the home of LUSH I thought I should do a post on their new Emotional brilliance line! I'm soooo excited to get my hands on these products. But before I get started at Poole they have a LUSH spa and I think they have one in Leeds as well. I want to go to a LUSH spa for my birthday so if your birthday is coming up you could defo go. Anyway so the deal with this Emotional Brilliance thing is that in the shop or at the LUSH you can spin a wheel and you pick three colours. So the colours that you get are what you are feeling at that moment. And if you wear that colour you will feel that emotion. I went in the LUSH shop at Poole and the emotions my sister,mum and me were feeling were...

  • Lifted (eye)
  • Charm (lip)
  • Drive (lip)

My sister-

  • Calm (eye)
  • Glamorous (lip)
  • Success (eye)


  • Glamorous (lip)
  • Bubbly (lip)
  • Fantasy (eye)

They are kind of pricey at £14.50! But I think they are worth it because the pigments are handmade with different ingredients. If you get a bright colour that you are scared to wear it on your eyes you can put it on the back of your hand.
Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Shape up for Summer!

Hey everyone,
                   So today's post is one for Summer! I need to shape up for Summer and bet some others do too. If you guys find this helpful leave a comment share this please. I will just share a few tips to get your summer body for your bikini/swimsuit/tankini you want to wear!

Diet or Healthy Eating-

So my new healthy eating plan NOT DIET!


Tea or coffee followed with water.
Granola with Greek yogurt for milk and chopped strawberries.


An Apple or my fave a nectarine.


Today I had Tuna Salad ingredients were: Tuna lol, Herbs parsley etc, lighter mayo, salad sauce, sour cream, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and stripped carrots.


A bag of crisps and maybe a bit of chocolate and tea.
Feta Cheese and Watermelon.


Truthfully tonight I had a MD's but I have lots of different food made by my mum my fave meals are: Risotto, Pasta and soup.


Tea yes again! Also like a small bit of chocolate.

Okay, that's my diet before I get on to fitness I will say a few things. You need a good breakfast to stop you snacking so often. FRUIT! Maybe I don't have 5 a day but an apple a day keeps the doctor away and also the baggy clothes. I like to snack yes doesn't everyone but my diet before was SHOCKING. I also recommend having a range of food so you have options. Remeber the almount of meat, chicken and fish you eat should be the size of your palm.

Fitness My routine-

I do walking/running,
Swimming every now and then.
Practise Dance a lot!
More Dance
Wii Dane Games
Jump Rope

I'm too young to join a gym but see how much you can do at home. I like to do about 10 or 20 sit-ups each night also 40 crunches. I put my earphones in and go around my block about 3 times. Jump Rope for 5 minutes and then dance till forever. Doing things helps your body but also you feel good confident and I love the way you can go to bed as soon as you shut your eyes.

I will try and keep this up not just for summer xoxo have a great Summer

Lots of Love,

Posts Coming are- 
What's in my suitcase
Holiday Time
My beauty travel bag
Nice Easy sweatproof makeup for water parks 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Not Impressed!

Hey everyone,
                    So who else was so excited to get their hands on Impress Nails. No glue and it's cheaper than a proper manicure.  I picked up lovestruck which is kind of a purple, orange flower thing. It does kind of look like stain glass. Anyway, I put them on the night for a family thing I had in the morning. I had saw reviews and everyone claimed they lasted while eating, in the shower and just generally. They don't last at any of these! The water took most of them off and before I knew it all of my backups were gone. So I ended up with no Impress nails to wear! Maybe I should have put them on before I left for my family thing. I'm not wasting my money on them ever again it's better just use glue and get a manicure.

Lots of Love and sorry about this being out of focus,

Monday, 2 July 2012

Taking a break from blogger!

Hey everyone,
                      Sorry I haven't posted in a while I was taking a break as I was very busy this week. I hope that's okay! But as it's our summer holidays I will be posting a lot more and posting more youtube videos hopefuly. What's your plans for Summer? I haven't got any I will go on a last minute holiday xoxox Lucy