Thursday, 23 February 2012

Collective haul !

Hey everyone, this is just a quick haul from things i have collected this week.

 Barry M lip gloss in Valentine- I love this red lip gloss it's such a pretty shade. It's also limited edition for Valentine's  day so i am pretty excited. It feels really nice on your lips it's not sticky. It feels like lipstick or lipstain on.

 Collection 2000 Extreme eyeliner-OMG! I wasn't expecting this to be so good. I just went to pick up a cheap eyeliner and i got this. As you can see you get a really thin line. It's one of the felt tip pen like applicators and I am really loving them !

Rimmel black cab,Rimmel disco ball,Barry M red glitter,Barry M strawberry,Barry M purple rain,Rimmel sky high,Rimmel pompous
I got these 7 pretty polish's and I just coldn't resist showing them. Rimmel black cab is just a black i really just wanted to get it to build my collection and i was in need of a plain polish. Rimmel disco ball is a pretty sheer overcoat so you can't wear it on it's own and it's really sparkly and multi-coloured. Barry M red glitter you can wear this on it's own I love this polish with my Barry M red lipgloss. Barry M strawberry is for the pretty pastel spring fashion it looks creamy on the nails which i think is sooo pretty.Barry M purple rain nail effect is a pretty purple kinda like pompous. Rimmel sky high is a matte nail polish which i really need more of it's a pretty light blue.Last but not least (Actually it's my fave) is pompous a pretty purple with a mix of gold which looks like a pretty night sky.

Maybelinne Dream Nude Airfoam foundation shade nude-I love this foundation so far. It's really cool and it's not the usal mousse it's FOAM !!! It feels nice lightweight on your face once you blend it in. It doesn't take a will to get it to look right. If you guys want a foundation routine I would be happy !

Clean and clear blackhead clearing cleanser-I did a post a few days ago on my skincare routine and stuff and i didn't mention this product. It does kind of sting on my nose and it doesn't give results from day one but I am glad i tried it.

INECTO body oil coconut-Sorry about the picture. Anyway this is a body oil so at first it's oily on your skin.But then you rub it in and the yummy scents all that's left. It has a squirt spraycap which is somthing i don't like about it.

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