Thursday, 12 April 2012

My beautiful nails!

Hey everyone, yesterday I got my nails done at the salon. I've tried and tried my Holographic nail kit but I just can't get it to work. It worked the first time but then it kind of went wrong. Some of the peel was striping off and I was just kind of hopeless at it. Don't get me wrong you should try it out it's easy but I'm just like the worst at nails. I am trying it out again though so if it works that's a review to look forward too. As I always say my nails are kind of short and wide but I can manage to style them.

Okay I wish I had someone to do my nails like this every single day. I think she like did a love heart upside down at the top wait for it to dry and outline it with silver. Then colour the bottom part around pink then add a little dot of red. Are you guys any good at nails or are you just like me?

                                                         Lots of Lovely Love,

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