Friday, 27 April 2012

Fearne Makeup full palette review!

Hey everyone,
                     I got this for a steal at a sale my friend was holding. It's a full set for just about £5.00 which is really good for the palette it is. Okay, so this palette includes:
12 Eye shadows
6 Lip Glosses
2 mini brushes
1 Mascara
2 Glitter Eyeliners
2 blushes
1 mini blusher brush
1 lip gloss

Okay, starting with the outside as you can see from the picture it's cute! It has illustrated roses on it also it has beetles and cheetah print patterns. I think it looks sort of vintage it has the words 'Who's gorgeous' printed on the left hand side. I really do love the outside of the palette but lets get to the inside:

These colours don't have names but here's me describing them:
1st colour- A light blue with a hint of sparkles
2nd colour- A pale sort of white with sparkle
3rd colour- A very pale blue with sparkle
4th colour- A metallic silver yet very sparkly
5th colour- A teal colour with chunks of sparkle
6th colour- A lavender colour with a little frost
7th colour- A yellowish gold with yet more glitter
8th colour- A bronze sparkly colour which I love
9th colour- A sky blue colour with glitter
10th colour- A darker purple with glitter
11th colour- A mint green colour with yet more glitter
12th colour- A black but has a little glitter

Then the lip glosses-
1st colour- A pale peachy colour
2nd colour- A matte rose pink colour
3rd colour- A goldish colour
4th colour- A darker rose colour
5th colour- A lighter rose colour
6th colour- A darker red colour

The eye shadows are all very pigmented and go on smoothly. They're very creamy and wear nicely. You can counture with them to make a beautiful eyes. All colours are long lasting and look amazing on. The lip glosses are all sheer so I didn't bother swatching them.

This is the bottom drawer that you just pull out. Okay, so here's a review on the products you get in this drawer.

The mascara has a normal brush and is easy to apply.
The glitter liners are just the normal ones and don't last very long.
The mini brush is good and the brushes don't come out easy.
The blushes are pigmented and apply smoothly.
The Glossy lips lip gloss is the best and not too sticky and is in a lovely shade.

Check out this video to see some more of Fearnes Products:

Lots of love,

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