Sunday, 1 April 2012

Super scent Sunday- DKNY Sweet Delicious

Hey everyone,
                         Yesterday I had my dancing exams so I wasn't able to post. Today I am getting the results so I will tell you if I pass later!!!  I mentioned DKNY Sweet Delicious in my Easter wishlist but I didn't do a proper review so here's one:

The Sweet Delicious collection has three different scents in the collection. The scents are Tart Key Lime, Pink Macaroon and Creamy Meringue.

Sweet Delicious

Tart Key Lime- The notes are orange zest, bergamot, and mandarin with vibrant neroli. If you don't love total sweet stuff this has a tart sour edge. This does smell fruity and sweet still though. The bottle is the signature DKNY bottle but it's all green. They are really cute bottles next time your out smell it.
Sweet Delicious

Pink Macaroon- This is my favourite scent from the collection. This smells so girly it smells like the rose macaroon from lush because of the floral notes. The notes Nectarine, Kumquat,pomegranate, Rose Marzipan, Rich Woods, Tonka Bean and Amber. The bottle of this is the same DKNY signature bottle but I lovely rose pink.
Sweet Delicious

Creamy Meringue- Turns out this is nothing to do with vanilla it's the opposite being fresh. The notes Lemon cream, Cedarwood, Passion Flower, Bergamont, White Amber and Musk. It's a nice wake you up scent which I like but not all the time. Again the bottle is just the signature but a creamy yellow. I would like it better if it was sweet vanilla and I don't get why it's called creamy meringue if it's fresh lemon.

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