Thursday, 31 May 2012

Beauty tips and tricks: Baby powder as a dry shampoo?

Hey everyone,
                     So I have now started 2 new series 'Books for Beautiful Brains' and 'Beauty tips and tricks'. This series was inspired by MissLV an amazing blogger I'm not trying to copy her. Right, so the tip is to put Baby powder in your hair as dry shampoo. This really works when your hair needs a clean. The only thing is you need to rub the powder in so your hairs not white. It doesn't feel chalky on my type of hair which is a good thing. You only need a little bit not too much.

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Books for Beautiful Brains: Catherine Macphail Missing

Hey everyone,
                    I want to try to do a series of this 'Books for Beautiful Brains' thing. It's just a book review but a cute title why not. Also, you will know MissLV the fab and kind beauty blogger has started a daily tip post I want to do one of them weekly as well (sorry for stealing the idea). The book I'm reviewing is Missing by Catherine Macphail she's Scottish as well like mwah!

Judge the book by it's cover- It looks almost spooky and sinister which would probably pull me in to read it.

First Page- The main character Maxine is tempered and moody or competitive but  something happened in her life to make it that way. The author wrote it well!

Back of the Book- It's a thriller and sounds good and like it's based on a true story.

End- Haven't read it yet :S will and to one of my posts if I finish it.

Last words- Very good book! It got me thinking which I like instead of knowing what's going to happen. Seems as if it's based on a true story....But that would be very creepy.

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Newspaper Nail Tutorial! Easy+Fun

Hey everyone,
                     The weeks going by quickly it's Tuesday already. This was really fun and easy to do and I think you guys would all be able to do it, so do a post on it!

It's messy at the sides woops >>>

Okay you will need..

Vodka or a strong spirit
A small bowl
10 Stirps of Magazine/Newspaper
Base coat (paler the better I used white)
Top coat I used glitter


1. Paint your nails with a base coat better with a paler colour like white.

2. When it's dry pour the vodka into the small bowl.

3. Put your nail in the bowl of vodka and wait for about 10 seconds so the nail is covered.

4. Take the strip of paper and hold it on the nail for around 20-40 seconds.

5. Peel it of gently and see the design appear.

6. Apply a top coat of your chose.

That's it sooooooooo simple

Lots of Love,
Lucy xoxox

Monday, 28 May 2012

Swatch&Shout Beauty Awards 2012!

Hey everyone,
                   Calling all beauty Gurus! Today I bring exciting's that time of the year for Shout Beauty Awards, I will talk about this at the end here's the swatch!

BYS Eyeshadow palette from Shout Magazine...
Really nice colours and sooooo pigmented! I only put my finger down on it and look at the colour! I love the shades because they're all good for everyday. It comes with a handy eyeliner and brush which is good for travelling.

The Shout Beauty Awards...
OMG! I'm so excited for this. I want to be on the judging panel you guys don't need to vote me. If you guys want to enter this then follow these steps-

The Email has to include-
Your name
Picture of Mwah!
Lastly 100 words or less on your fave beauty product!

I really want to be one of the 10 girls left!!! Go on the Shout Magazine for more details. As well as all that you also get to test out products for free and keep them I mean how many blog posts could I do on that!?!

Lots of Love,
Lucy xoxox

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Vaseline to make your lashes longer True or False?

Hey everyone,
                     Okay so for Saturday movie night we watched 'Angus,thongs and perfect snogging' and yes when the dad moves Georgia puts Vaseline on her lashes to make them longer. Once the movie was done I got my Vaseline pot and started doing this. It looked so weird because your lashes look white! So it was night time and I slept with white lashes. When I woke my lashes weren't white it must have absorbed in. My lashes are  very short and I could see they were longer. I did it again in the morning so if I keep doing it my lashes will be beautifully long. Who needs peptalash (btw that doesn't work) Vaseline is works well.

With absolutely no mascara on.

Lots of Love,

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Saturday stash!

Hey everyone,
                       OMG! The weather is sooo lovely today and I'm having a BBQ. I can smell it sizzling now *Mouth waters* I want to do a post on that and stuff. This haul was supposed to be up on Saturday but I guess I never had the time. I found this on my laptop and just wanted to share it....

The 7 goodies to share are:
MUA tube lipgloss shade 4
MUA blush shade 4
MUA lipstick shade 7
MUA eyeshadow shade 11 pearl
MUA eyeshadow shade 2 pearl
Collection 2000 eyeliner black magic
Collection 2000 cream metallic gold rush
MUA mascara shade 7 (can't see it because of the black background soz)

Right so everything I got is very cheap, mostly MUA. I love MUA products and all of the products are like a £1 and they're soooo gooood.

The lipgloss....
Smells amazing lol! Looks nice and peachy pink on your lips but kind of sheer.
The lipstick....
Has great colour very pigmented. Feels nice on your lips doesn't dry them out.
The blush....
OMG! It's such a pretty colour for Spring/Summer. I got bored of my pink and switched for this matte peach pink. It looks great on tanned skin and trust me in this weather in the UK you'll get one.
The Cream eyeshadow....
Gold Rush is the nicest colour like EVER. It has a great applicator and is long lasting.
The Brown eyeshadow....
Is amazing for my everyday look. Is very pretty and pigmented so I wear it like all the time.
The pearl eyeshadow....
Lovely for an inner crease. Has a nice shimmer and can be worn as a highlight.
The eyeliner...
Nice even straight line easy to use. Very soft and lovely black shade.

Lots of lovely love,

Lucy xoxoxoxox :D <3

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lucyamazingjuicy is now on pinterest!

Hey everyone,
                     Just a really quick post to say that I have now joined pinterest. It's amazing you can pin things you like on other peoples blog and make boards. It's great for re-decorating your room or house. My name is just lucyamazingjuicy!
Pinterest Logo

Lots of Love,

Monday, 21 May 2012

FOTD: Nicki Minaj Turtorial!

Hey everyone,
                      Happy Monday! Right so a quick FOTD for you...

To get this look follow this video I uploaded on youtube...

Lots of lovely love,
Lucy xxxooo

Sunday, 20 May 2012

My Bourjois skin stash!!!

Hey everyone,
                     I bought these about 2 weeks ago but have been LOVING them and thought they were worth a post.

123 Perfect foundation..

Right, so you've heard of it! It's amazing and lasts so long and it says it's up to 16hrs. It has 3 pigments in it to help your skin-
Yellow pigments- anti-dark circle
Mauve pigments- anti-dull complexion
Green pigments- anti-redness
It isn't exactly matte but has a matte sort of finish on your skin which looks great. It's not like a thick paste but not like theirs nothing on your face either.

Bourjois concealer stick...

Wow the covarge of this shocked me! It's not again really thick but it's still got a good covarge. It's really easy to apply and stuff!!!
                                                     Lots of lovely love,
Lucy xxxx

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Lucy loves: My beauty awards!

Hey everyone,
                     Sorry I've been not posting much I've been busy with my youtube account and stuff! But I'm going to do my very own beauty awards I though this was a good idea and you guys can do it too. Okay, these are products I've tried and loved..

Fave Foundation Primer-

Laura Mercier Oil Free

Flawless finish! Keeps my foundation smooth and lets my foundation apply nicely and evenly. This is oil free for my skin but you can get loads of different ones for YOUR skin.

Fave Foundation-

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam

I now use this everyday I'm in love. It's really good and a little goes a long long way! Looks amazing on the skin and I'm in love. You need darker skin for this though I think it's really light on!

Fave Blusher-

Nars Orgasm

Love this shade! The texture of all Nars blushes are great but this colour is amazing as well. I've head good things about the colour Torrid maybe try that out if you have darker skin.

Fave Bronzer-

Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades

Great colours and pigmentation for such a low price. I like how you can also use the shades on their own or mixed together. It's perfect for a nice glow and wearable enough for everyday.

Fave Skincare product-

Clean&Clear Morning Energy Facial Wash

Great for Oily skin and if your not a morning person. It cools and refreshes and is gentle yet does a good job.

Fave Eyeshadow primer-

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Really good base and comes in a range of colours. Keeps your eyeshadow on for a while and is really easy to apply they do it in a new tube applicator thing.

Fave Eyeshadow-

MUA shade 4 single

Lovely shade have been wearing this every single day! Really low price I'm in love with the MUA line and some products are amazing.

Fave Palette-

Urban Decay Naked 2

Great range of colours all very wearable for everyday. Lovely case and comes with brush and mini lipgloss! Much better than the first Naked palette.

Fave Eyeliner-

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liner

Great bold line looks smooth and has a great texture. Love the pot design only down side is you need to buy a brush to apply this.

Fave Lip Balm-

Vaseline Creme Brulee

I think this is limited Edition but the smell is to die for. Smells like sweet vanilla and does wonders for your lips. Really cute little tub as well!

Fave Lip Gloss-

bourjois effet 3D

I love all of these colours and they leave my lips looking bigger and fuller. They look amazing on not really sticky or anything.

Fave lipstick-

Mac Angel

Lovely Nude pink lip stick. And Kim K wears it and she looks always amazing!!!

Fave Perfume-

Chanel Chance

Lots of Love,
 Lucy xoxo

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Essie Launch in UK!

Hey everyone,
                     Been really focused on my youtube channel so sorry for the shortage of posts. Listening to the best song you know boyfriend by Justin Bieber! Okay, so I saw the Essie range in my boots but nothing from Essie in superdrug (maybe bigger superdrugs then.) There was a good choice but I saw this colour 'Mint Candy Apple' that every blogger owns and I instantly picked it up! It's a really unique shade it's turquoise mint light green. It applies nicely has a good applicator and looks amazing on your nails. It looks pastel perfect for Summer/Spring! I like the the bottle of this it looks really pretty with the white top, but it will get a bit dirty rolling around at the bottom of my bag. Who else was excited for the launch of Essie!!!

Lots of love,

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Review: Boots Smooth Care Hair Removal Cream!

Hey everyone,
                     Okay, a bit of an embarrassing post coming so be prepared! Right so I got this on Saturday and have just used this tonight which is Sunday. This is so amazing it really works! Okay so here's how I used it:

Step 1- I applied the cream with the back of the spatula it came with and put it on in vertical strips like it said.

Step 2- Then leave it for 3 minutes as it says.

Step 3- And that's it then remove it if it didn't remove then you need to do the steps again! But it should come of it did for me.

Do not rub this in not sure why but that's what it says. I used this on my armpits and now they are smooth and soft. I really can't believe the results of this though! This was so easy to do and fuss-free and much easier than waxing/shaving. This is 100ml which lasts so long and it was £3.79 amazing price! Oh, and you can't use deodorant for 24hrs or put it in water straight away. But I did use water to wash the excess cream off later once it soaked in. I didn't need to even use LOADS of this so it's a 5/5 for me!

Lots of Love,