Sunday, 29 April 2012

Super Scent Sunday: Marc Jacobs Splash Scents Collection

Hey everyone,
                     I smelt the 'Marc Jacobs Splash Scents Collection' there are three scents in the collection so another trio. Each scent sounds delicious like Cranberry Splash, Curacao Splash and Ginger Splash. So here's the trio: 

Cranberry Splash-
I do love Cranberry scents because they can be sweet but also spicy. What they say about Cranberry Splash: Inspired by the first sip of a cool, sweet cocktail on a sun-soaked summer day, Marc Jacobs introduces three new Limited Edition Splash scents in Cranberry, Ginger, and Curacao. These refreshing new fragrances are vibrant in colour, and crisp to the sense. They entice us to indulge in the simple pleasures of summer.
Topnote – Pink Grapefruit, Cranberry Pulp, Bergamot, Tangerine
Midnote – Ginger Flower, Honeysuckle, Ozonic Accord, Red Currant.
Drydown – Vetiver, Icy Musk, Precious Woods, Exotic Woods

Curacao Splash-
This is kind of citrus which is really nice. Here's what they say:
Inspired by the first sip of a cool, sweet cocktail on a sun-soaked summer day, Marc Jacobs introduces three new Limited Edition Splash scents in Cranberry, Ginger, and Curacao. These refreshing new fragrances are vibrant in color, and crisp to the sense. They entice us to indulge in the simple pleasures of summer.
Topnote – Blood Oranges, Bitter Orange Bigrade, Lime, Mandarin 

Ginger Splash-
My least fave out of the collection just because I don't like Ginger. Here's what they say:
Inspired by the first sip of a cool, sweet cocktail on a sun-soaked summer day, Marc Jacobs introduces three new Limited Edition Splash scents in Cranberry, Ginger, and Curacao. These refreshing new fragrances are vibrant in color, and crisp to the sense. They entice us to indulge in the simple pleasures of summer.
Topnote – Ginger, Nutmeg, Cognac Oil
Midnote – Grandilla, Gernaium Bourbon, Rhubarb
Drydown – Sandalwood, Amber Crystals, Musks

Lots of Love,

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Top 10 favourite lip products!

Hey everyone,
                      I've been wanting to do a post for ages and finally I can do one. Okay, so I have 10 lip products I chose that are my favourites out of my collection. Right so here's the line up of products:

Going from the left-

Jemma Kidd lip gloss Coral, Revlon lip butter lollipop, Revlon lip butter Creme Brulee, Revlon lip butter Sweet Tart, Revlon lip stick Rosy Nude, Revlon lip stick Rich Raisin Fros, Mac lip stick Girl Out Town, Mac lip stick Satin, Mac lip stick speed dial, Benefit mini lip gloss life on the A list.

Jemma Kidd lip gloss Coral- A glossy coral no sparkle or shimmer.
Revlon lip butter lollipop- Pink with a blue undertone strong and pigmented.
Revlon lip butter Creme Brulee- Nude with yellow based undertone.
Revlon lip butter Sweet Tart- Pretty pink with a sort of shimmer.
Revlon lip stick Rosy Nude- A nude with a sory of rose through it.
Revlon lip stick Rich Raisin Fros- Rich brownish colour.
Mac lip stick Girl Out Town- Dark pink matte.
Mac lip stick Satin- Dark red matte very pigmented.
Mac lip stick speed dial- Pale pink kind of sheen.

Lots of lip stick kisses,

Twitter HACKER!

Hey everyone,                       I'm not sure if any of you guys have been effected by this hacker going round twitter. He sent everyone in my message contacts a message about a rumor that has been spreading about them then if you click the link you get hacked. Okay, someone sent me the message and of course I was worried I stupidly clicked this link. Then the next day I saw the messages going around and today well they changed my password. I would advice to change your password and if I sent you that message ignore it please. I'm really annoyed so if it's you or someone you know I'm not your fan! I love twitter and can't tweet now or post anything which I am very mad at. My best friends got the link and clicked it which now guess what happens! I am just very sad and feel very down so this twitter HACKER should go away and stop messing up accounts! If it's you I can't explain how much I am not a fan.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Fearne Makeup full palette review!

Hey everyone,
                     I got this for a steal at a sale my friend was holding. It's a full set for just about £5.00 which is really good for the palette it is. Okay, so this palette includes:
12 Eye shadows
6 Lip Glosses
2 mini brushes
1 Mascara
2 Glitter Eyeliners
2 blushes
1 mini blusher brush
1 lip gloss

Okay, starting with the outside as you can see from the picture it's cute! It has illustrated roses on it also it has beetles and cheetah print patterns. I think it looks sort of vintage it has the words 'Who's gorgeous' printed on the left hand side. I really do love the outside of the palette but lets get to the inside:

These colours don't have names but here's me describing them:
1st colour- A light blue with a hint of sparkles
2nd colour- A pale sort of white with sparkle
3rd colour- A very pale blue with sparkle
4th colour- A metallic silver yet very sparkly
5th colour- A teal colour with chunks of sparkle
6th colour- A lavender colour with a little frost
7th colour- A yellowish gold with yet more glitter
8th colour- A bronze sparkly colour which I love
9th colour- A sky blue colour with glitter
10th colour- A darker purple with glitter
11th colour- A mint green colour with yet more glitter
12th colour- A black but has a little glitter

Then the lip glosses-
1st colour- A pale peachy colour
2nd colour- A matte rose pink colour
3rd colour- A goldish colour
4th colour- A darker rose colour
5th colour- A lighter rose colour
6th colour- A darker red colour

The eye shadows are all very pigmented and go on smoothly. They're very creamy and wear nicely. You can counture with them to make a beautiful eyes. All colours are long lasting and look amazing on. The lip glosses are all sheer so I didn't bother swatching them.

This is the bottom drawer that you just pull out. Okay, so here's a review on the products you get in this drawer.

The mascara has a normal brush and is easy to apply.
The glitter liners are just the normal ones and don't last very long.
The mini brush is good and the brushes don't come out easy.
The blushes are pigmented and apply smoothly.
The Glossy lips lip gloss is the best and not too sticky and is in a lovely shade.

Check out this video to see some more of Fearnes Products:

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sleek Pout Paints Review&Swatches!

Hey everyone,
                     Today here comes a review! I just won a Surprise Giveaway as well and I can't thank Miss LV enough. Anyway I recently picked up two of the sleek pout paints after hearing good reviews on them. You can get 11 shades but I just picked up two that I thought would look nice on me. But the shades can be mixed together for unique cool shades.

From the top row:
Cloud 9, Minx, Milkshake, peachy keen, Lava, Pin up
Bottom Row:
Peek A Bow, Mauve Over, Rosette, Pinkini, Port.

Okay so here's the review,

First of the formula, it's just like paint it just kind of drys on your lips. It does act like a lipstick but it's really messy to use and I would say it went on my teeth a lot. They're easier than I thought to get of though which is a good point. It smells kind of tropical like mango and passion fruit which doesn't always mean it tastes good. It tastes really horrible so I would say don't lick your lips. You only need a little amount of this as well because if you use a lot it will get really messy. It also lasts long like a good lip stain does!

The first colour is Milkshake
The second colour is Pinkini

Each and every colour is very pigmented and a wonderful shade. Milkshake is a light coral colour and Pinkini is a bright girly pink. To be honest I wouldn't wear milkshake often but I do love pinkini. The shades gives of a lovely glossy shine.
 On the lips-

Lots of lovely love,

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Quick Post: Chanel lipgloss Levres Scintillantes

Hey everyone,
                     I wanted to quickly spring up a post so here's one! I was looking for ideas when I saw this lipgloss and fell for the beautiful colour. They've got more colours some nude or pinker but I do like this coralish pinkish colour with a nice light touch of glitter. It's not out yet as it comes out on May 11th so I can't show you what it looks like. I would imagine it's good texture and all because it's CHANEL!

Lots of love,

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Super Scent Sunday: Cacharel Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss

Hey everyone,
                     I can't believe that tomorrow is Monday! Anyway today I'm doing a review on Cacharel Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss. I've been told it's floral and really wearable so I choice it because if you guys might have noticed I love floral scents.
 Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss
Heart Notes:
Frangipani Blossom, White Musk, White Peony

Top Notes:
Grapefruit, Mandarin, Pink Peppercorn

Base Notes:
Black Vanilla, Coffee, Cedar

Floral Oriental


The bottle is very sweet it's a weird shape though. It has illustrated roses on the front as well. It has a red top which looks really good against the black, so it looks classy. The way I find this scent is floral of course but it seems to have a mysterious smell to it as well. This is the type of scent you would only wear on special occasions because it's too strong to wear all the time so it's not wearable to me.

Lots of lovely love,

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Quick Facts Tag!

Hey everyone,
                     I just couldn't not do this post! It sounded fun and I like doing these sort of posts.

Vital Statistics:
Me: Lucy
Nicknames: Lulu
Birthday: October 16th
Place of Birth: Scotland
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Male or Female: Female
Residence: Scotland
Screen Name: Lucyamazingjuicy or Twitter lucy_cameron


Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Eye colour: Chocolate Brown mmm sometimes I want to eat them!
Best Feature: My eyes and maybe legs
Height: 5ft5
Braces?: No I would look awful!
Glasses?: No
Piercing: Just my ears x2
Tattoos: No way I hate them
Righty or Lefty: Right

Your 'Firsts':
First best friend: Chantel, Karis, Taylor, Hayley, Georgia M, Georgia A, Neve, Alison, Aimee and Alison! All from Primary school and still friends with them now.
First Award: Not Sure can't really remember
First Sport You Joined: Dance and Basketball
First Real Vacation: Paris! 
First Concert: Cher Lloyd I can't believe I went I love Cher soo much!
First Love: Justin Bieber still is!


Movie: Lovely Bones, Oliver Twist, In her shoes, Sex in the city, Pretty women, Just Go With it and Grown Ups
TV Show: 90210, Made In Chelsea, Waterloo road and take me out
Colours: Pink, Lilac, neon green and purple
Song: Anything Justin Bieber I love his new song Boyfriend, Can't Say no and Call me maybe
Candy: Fizzy Sour bubblegum bottles you know what I mean they're blue and pinkish red
Restaurant: Anything really I don't have a favourite!
Store: LUSH, House of Fraser, Primark, Boots, Superdrug and Internacional
School: Does Waterloo Road count!?
Book: Lovely Bones and Twilight
Magazine: Look, More, Glamour and Bliss
Shoes: High heels and Converse!

Feeling: Excited to go to my friends party at 7:00pm
Single or Taken: Single
Eating: Sipping at some tea
Typing: This
Online: Twitter and FB
Listening To: Nothing but singing Call Me Maybe
Thinking About: Party at 7:00pm  
Wanting: Crisps
Watching: My Screen
Wearing: Cute Owl Crop top, Jeggins and my hoodie

Want Children?: Hmm...If it's a girl!
Want to be Married: Yes!
Careers in Mind: Blogger, Make up Artist and Writer
Where do you want to live?: I'm fine with living in Scotland 

Have you ever:
Kissed a Stranger: No way!
Had Alcohol: No well I have had sips and stuff
Ran Away From Home: No
Broken a bone: Yes I broke 2 bones on my wrist and arm from going on monkey bars
Got an X-ray: Yes
Broken Someones Heart: No not that I know of
Broke Up With Someone: Yes a few
Cried At School: Yes embarrassed

Do You Believe In:
God: Yes
Miracles: No
Love At First sight: Yes 
Ghosts: No
Aliens: No
Soul Mates: Yes
Heaven: Yes
Hell: Maybe
Kissing on The First Date: Maybe as well
Yourself: Not all the time!

Sorry for using this photo so much it's the only good one of me,

Lots of love,

Friday, 20 April 2012

TGIF: Weekly Photo's

Hey everyone,
                      I saw these up on blogger on Sunday and I wanted to do one. So I picked up some pictures from my twitter and wanted to show them on here. So here's some pictures I will explain later:

1. My Easter Basket mmm...I ate them all at last.
2. My Justin Bieber Phone Cover soo awesome.
3. My Ice Watch is broken I sent it in to get fixed.
4. Look what my mum made us for HER birthday!
5. My Cousin's 21st birthday look at the cupcakes.
6. My suprise roses loving the glitter.
7. My Create your own Converse do you like.
8. Uploading taking forever!
9. Healthy Breakfast before a another day.
10. My relaxing kit for Monday!

Lots of lovely love,

New Spring Soap!

Hey everyone,
                     I did a Dior palette review and said it was from my Auntie and she also sent me a soap. Which is from Island Mystk in the scent Outragous Orange which is a really nice scent. It's very strong citrus and has a nice natural orange scent to it. It has in it Sapinified Coconut Oil & Palm Oil, Rice Milk, Honey, Lemon and Essential Oil. I have heard of some other scents I want to try out.

This is a perfect soap size and shape you can cut bits of or even take the whole thing in the shower. It's got kind of has a brownish swirl things in it but it makes it look really natural. I like the way it leaves your skin soft and smooth like really i'm not just saying that! As it is I would say I love this soap it feels good and does good so it's a win/win.

Lots of lovely love,