Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sleek Pout Paints Review&Swatches!

Hey everyone,
                     Today here comes a review! I just won a Surprise Giveaway as well and I can't thank Miss LV enough. Anyway I recently picked up two of the sleek pout paints after hearing good reviews on them. You can get 11 shades but I just picked up two that I thought would look nice on me. But the shades can be mixed together for unique cool shades.

From the top row:
Cloud 9, Minx, Milkshake, peachy keen, Lava, Pin up
Bottom Row:
Peek A Bow, Mauve Over, Rosette, Pinkini, Port.

Okay so here's the review,

First of the formula, it's just like paint it just kind of drys on your lips. It does act like a lipstick but it's really messy to use and I would say it went on my teeth a lot. They're easier than I thought to get of though which is a good point. It smells kind of tropical like mango and passion fruit which doesn't always mean it tastes good. It tastes really horrible so I would say don't lick your lips. You only need a little amount of this as well because if you use a lot it will get really messy. It also lasts long like a good lip stain does!

The first colour is Milkshake
The second colour is Pinkini

Each and every colour is very pigmented and a wonderful shade. Milkshake is a light coral colour and Pinkini is a bright girly pink. To be honest I wouldn't wear milkshake often but I do love pinkini. The shades gives of a lovely glossy shine.
 On the lips-

Lots of lovely love,

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