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Super scent Sunday: Escada Fashion Fragrances!

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                        Anyone else love Escada perfumes! I wanted to try out Escada's 'Especially Escada' which was their floral scent. But the Fashion Fragrances are far from that! They're all pretty fruity I did a Sparkly scent Sunday on the DKNY Sweet Delicious which had a trio in the set as well and also was for Summer. So here's the trio:
 Fashion Fragrances
Escada say-
The Best of 20 years of Summer Fragrances. Continue celebrating the summer with Escada.

The trio has a beautiful bottle as you can see! It has a design on the bottle with a pink ribbon and a charm on each one which is just like so cute. This is Escada's Summer Edition for 2012 and I am loving them. The bottle has a really cute shape and the colours of the bottles are really pretty as well. From left to right is Sexy Graffiti, Island Kiss and Rock'in Rio. So lets get started on the reviews:

Fashion Fragrances
Sexy Graffiti- What they say about Sexy Graffiti-
 Red berries play the main role in the top notes of Escada's Sexy Graffiti fragrance, including raspberry and wild strawberry shining with luminous grapefruit sparks. The heart offers skillfully balanced notes of lily of the valley, violet and red peony, softening the fruity opening and providing a romantic twist, while the base enables a softer and subtle closure with accentuated cashmere wood and soft vanilla. 
I really love this scent partly because it's my kind of scent. I like flirty, sexy and fun scents and that's exactly what Sexy Graffiti is and it's my fave colour PINK! It smells just like fruity and sweet which I really love. The charm on this is a cocktail glass which is really cute and it has a skyscrapper on the front of the bottle. If you aren't a fan of the fruity sweet scents maybe if your older even not the scent for you. It gets a lot of compliments from people and is really long lasting. It also has a clean&fresh scent to it so you can wear it everyday from dusk till dawn.
Top notes: Wild Strawberry, Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Blackcurrant
Heart notes: Lily of the Valley, Red Peony, Violet
Base notes: Cashmeran, Vanilla, Musks
Fashion Fragrances

Island Kiss- What they say about Island Kiss-
Escada Island Kiss is a fragrance inspired by Caribbean beaches, fragrant coasts, salty air and lush notes of fruit and flower. Top notes include orange, passion flower and mango highlighting that this is an exotic edition refreshed with aquatic, juicy and fruity peach notes combined with magnolia in the heart. The base adds woody notes and sensual musk.
This is a really tropical,fruity and excotic scent you can't go wrong with it! It is a really fun scent to wear and I wouldn't honestly wear it that often. I like the scent but it can become sickly wearing it all the time. I don't want to give it a bad review but I just want to be honest.This bottle has a little palm tree charm and I love the colour of blue this is. It has a picture of a odd looking palm tree on the front too.
 Top notes: Orange, Passion Flower, Mango
Heart notes: Magnolia, Sunny Accord, White Peach
Base notes: Hibiscus, Blond Woods, Musky Notes, Red Fruits
Fashion Fragrances
Rock'in Rio- What they say about Rock'in Rio-
Escada Rockin Rio eau de toilette spray for women is described as a floral and citrus scent, opening with top notes of pineapple, mandarin and papaya, flowing into a heart of peach and sugar candy, all of which sits on top of a base of gourmet, coconut milk, sandalwood and musk.
Anything with coconut I am in! Sooo...As you can tell I love this scent it's sweet,fruity and tropical. Lot's of people hate coconut so maybe give it a sniff first before ordering. I think this is my fave out of the trio. I also like the orange and yellow sunset bottle. It has a symbol on it but I don't know what it is any idea? This has a sunglasses charm on it which is really cute!!!
Top notes: Tangerine, Papaya, Pineapple
Heart notes: Pina Colada, Sugarcane, Blush Peach
Base notes: Driftwood, Sandalwood, Musky Notes

The price is kind of exspensive at £32.50 for 50ml but for a set it's £19.99-
Fashion Fragrances
Fashion Fragrances
Fashion Fragrances
                                                                         Lot's of Love,

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