Friday, 6 April 2012

Revlon Colourburst lip butters-Review!!!

Hey everyone, 
                      Well it's here! Finally I found these and just had to test out two. As I mentioned I was just wishing to have this product HERE!Creamsicle as it isn't out in the UK I am really sad and I will be going back for Cotton Candy. The only thing is only 14 out of the 20 shades came to the UK. I forget it was trouble finding these and had to go to Glasgow and go to boots.These Lip Butters have been the talk of the town from the bloggers so lets see if they're really all that!

The colours I purchased are Creme Brulee and Lollipop.

 ♥ Creme Brulee ♥

On my wish list I did mention that I wanted to try this colour out and of course I just had to! It's a nude natural colour which is really pretty. It is kind of yellow based but somehow I can pull this lip colour of. This is just a really everyday colour but you need to have the right sort of skin tone. This is not the most pigmented out of the collection but I do really like it. The Sunday Girl  did I review on this HERE! She didn't really like the shade but she says it might be because it looks better on paler/cooler I really enjoyed the review so maybe you guys should check it out as well. Overall it's a great nude I give it 9/10.

♥ Lollipop

Wow! I love this colour it is very pigmented! It's pink with a strong blue undertone it's a really strong colour. This shade also has silver glitter so it's really sparkly. If you aren't a glitter fan (Not very many are) but this is a little to sparkly. It was 3 for 2 but I had to give my Strawberry Shortcake to my friend. Overall I am giving this 10/10!

                                                                               The packaging is really elegant and nice. This colour case matching the lipstick shade is really popular. It has Revlon's usual criss-cross design and the Revlon name at the bottom. At the top it shows you inside so you can see what colour the lipstick is.

The formula is just amazing!!! It leaves my lips soft and smooth unlike any lip butter they are pigmented. These are £7.99 but boots is having a 3 for 2 offer. Online these are currently out of stock but shall be coming back in soon! They're really popular so I would try and get them soon. You can get them HERE! I love these they are wondeful I give them a 10/10 and I am a bit addicted also I will be buying more.

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  1. I wasn't really taken in by the hype of these lip butters but Lollipop is a really gorgeous shade. You may have convinced me. ;) x

    1. You should try them out! Yeah that's what I was like because it has just been talked about so much but they're really good. Lollipop is my fave shade!!
      thanks for your comment Lucy xx