Sunday, 27 May 2012

Vaseline to make your lashes longer True or False?

Hey everyone,
                     Okay so for Saturday movie night we watched 'Angus,thongs and perfect snogging' and yes when the dad moves Georgia puts Vaseline on her lashes to make them longer. Once the movie was done I got my Vaseline pot and started doing this. It looked so weird because your lashes look white! So it was night time and I slept with white lashes. When I woke my lashes weren't white it must have absorbed in. My lashes are  very short and I could see they were longer. I did it again in the morning so if I keep doing it my lashes will be beautifully long. Who needs peptalash (btw that doesn't work) Vaseline is works well.

With absolutely no mascara on.

Lots of Love,

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