Sunday, 26 February 2012

batiste dry shampoo-my thoughts !

Hey everyone, today I am doing a review on batiste dry shampoo.I have the new sassy & daring wild and a hint of light & blonde. I love dry shampoo because I don't have that much time to give my hair a good wash and this is easy to use and apply.Batiste wild smells really good like perfume. It does leave white residue but you just have to rub it in The light & blonde one has just a hint of colour. I love smelling things and smelling nice so this is the product for me. The bottles are cute and I just love them.

What do you think ?

Super scent sunday: Lily Stella McCartney

Hey everyone, it's my second time doing super scent sunday and I am still so excited. I want to share with you guys a perfume I smelt last week and loved...Lily by Stella McCartney. It's very floral and it smells of Spring !!!

The notes-

Heart Notes-
Lily of the Valley

Base Notes-
Oak moss

Top Notes-                                        
Free Gift

Thursday, 23 February 2012

It's Chocomania !

FREE* Standard Delivery on all orders over £30

Hey everyone, today I am talking about the body shop's new collection Chocomania. It smells like heaven and contains  13 Community Fair Trade ingredients.Mmm...just a lick of the shower cream. I think it might be a Valentine's collection maybe but i love it. I have been buying loads this week so that's why a lot of hauls and reviews have gone up.

The whole collection:

The shower cream:

The Body lotion:

The body butter:

The body scrub:

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Collective haul !

Hey everyone, this is just a quick haul from things i have collected this week.

 Barry M lip gloss in Valentine- I love this red lip gloss it's such a pretty shade. It's also limited edition for Valentine's  day so i am pretty excited. It feels really nice on your lips it's not sticky. It feels like lipstick or lipstain on.

 Collection 2000 Extreme eyeliner-OMG! I wasn't expecting this to be so good. I just went to pick up a cheap eyeliner and i got this. As you can see you get a really thin line. It's one of the felt tip pen like applicators and I am really loving them !

Rimmel black cab,Rimmel disco ball,Barry M red glitter,Barry M strawberry,Barry M purple rain,Rimmel sky high,Rimmel pompous
I got these 7 pretty polish's and I just coldn't resist showing them. Rimmel black cab is just a black i really just wanted to get it to build my collection and i was in need of a plain polish. Rimmel disco ball is a pretty sheer overcoat so you can't wear it on it's own and it's really sparkly and multi-coloured. Barry M red glitter you can wear this on it's own I love this polish with my Barry M red lipgloss. Barry M strawberry is for the pretty pastel spring fashion it looks creamy on the nails which i think is sooo pretty.Barry M purple rain nail effect is a pretty purple kinda like pompous. Rimmel sky high is a matte nail polish which i really need more of it's a pretty light blue.Last but not least (Actually it's my fave) is pompous a pretty purple with a mix of gold which looks like a pretty night sky.

Maybelinne Dream Nude Airfoam foundation shade nude-I love this foundation so far. It's really cool and it's not the usal mousse it's FOAM !!! It feels nice lightweight on your face once you blend it in. It doesn't take a will to get it to look right. If you guys want a foundation routine I would be happy !

Clean and clear blackhead clearing cleanser-I did a post a few days ago on my skincare routine and stuff and i didn't mention this product. It does kind of sting on my nose and it doesn't give results from day one but I am glad i tried it.

INECTO body oil coconut-Sorry about the picture. Anyway this is a body oil so at first it's oily on your skin.But then you rub it in and the yummy scents all that's left. It has a squirt spraycap which is somthing i don't like about it.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The songs I'm loving !

Hey everyone, I want to do a quick blog post on some music I love. I like music that's on the charts and stuff. Lets get started!

I want U back-Cher Lloyd
Who else loves this song and Cher. I adore the video its very beauty guru like. I like the clothes and makeup in this video. I find the tune addicting and i love the clever lyrics.

                                         International Love-Chris Brown & Pitbull
This never gets old even though I listen to it all the time. Do you guys like this song? I think i love it cause Pitbull and Chris Brown are in it my 2 fave male artists.

                                           Jar of hearts - Christina Perri
I like this one for everyone that's been hurt before by a boy. It's a slow tuneful song it's really pretty. It's the first time i have heard of Christina Perri and shes really good.

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Who glammed up the Grammys ?

Hey everyone, today I am talking about the fashion and makeup at the Grammys. Who did you think made a statement at the Grammys ?

This is what I thought:
2012 Grammy Awards Dresses
Adele wearing  Giorgio Armani gown- Wow she looks amazing! First of her makeup.Her eye makeup was very subtle but the bold red lips were making the look happen. Her hair style is pretty with the blond curls i think it looks great with the black gown. Now for the fashion. Her black gown looks amazing as it flatters her figure and makes her skin look perfect. The sparkles make it look even better bringing the whole outfit to life. I am so happy for Adele winning 6 Grammys. Even fashion police agreed she looked flawless.
Love it!

Katy Perry in Elie Saab gown- Hmm... First of makeup. I like how she teamed the pale blue with her pale pink lips it's nice. Her eye makeup i don't know if you can see in the photo is nothing to talk about. Her back hairdo isn't going well with this outfit i think she should have had it down in curls or something. Also i don't like this match your dress to your hair thing. The dress itself i don't like it's to over the top. I like the colour and detailing but not the shape. It is unflattering  her as well. I love Katy perry but not this look I am just telling the truth.
Hate it!

Nicki Minaj wearing Versace - A Pope Nicki Minaj WHAT! First the makeup I have had a long hard think about this and think she looks dead. Her makeup is plain and the face she's pulling makes it even worse. I love Nicki Minaj when she is colourful and creative but not this time. Her hair looks messy and the blond hair looks really bad. I adore Nicki Minaj she is my idol but i don't love the look. The dress is strange as well with it ruffled at the top and big at the bottom. I think the Versace logo makes it look tacky as well. She kind of looks like little red riding hood. Nicki what were you thinking ?
Hate it!

Paris Hilton wearing Lebanese- Pretty perfect! Makeup wise she has peachy pink lipstick on with is really pretty with her dress. If you look at her eye makeup up close it's really pretty I look i would wear. Her hair is to die for a classic messy bun looks very sleek and pretty. The dress was stunning on her figure and very elegant. The skinny small belt made the look. I noticed the massive rock on her finger and her earrings they are beautiful.

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Monday, 20 February 2012

My skincare routine and tips !

Hey everyone, so today i wanted to post one of the most important things ever...SKINCARE! I have oily skin and often get blackheads if i use the wrong products. My nose is always going to be very oily even though i use so many products. But the products i use do calm it down a bit but it doesn't just vanish. This video might help on picking out new skincare products:

In this video i show 3 products:
Soap and Glory Face soap and Clarity-£7.00
Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash-£4.29
St Ives Invigorating Apricot Facial Scrub-£3.99

I use this products daily as well as my new clean and clear blackhead cleanser. I don't like to use really harsh perfumed products.

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Sleek makeup palette review !

 Hey everyone, today I have a little review for you all this amazing product. This is a sleek makeup palette in the shades sunset. I find golds and bronze's very wearable so I personally love this palette. There's a blue shade which is very bright and bold also a black but you always need a black eyeshadow. The pigmentation is amazing and they're so so cheap. I like the packaging it's very well sleek. The texture of the product is soft and a pretty shimmery effect.The colour I have been using mostly are the 3rd on in the first row and 4th in the last row.

Swatches from top to bottom <3

Thanks for reading do you guys have a sleek palette what do you think of them ?

Lucy xx

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Spring Wishlist !!!

Hey everyone, I saw a few blogs doing a Spring Wishlist so i wanted to do one.I am going to show you a few products i really want to try out.This will give you ideas on what to buy on your next purchase.

Nars Blush-Gaiety £21
This blush is from the Nars Spring collection in the shade Gaiety. I tried it out last week at House of Frasers and am in love with it. It's a very pale pink colour the top photo isn't really showing that. The bottom one is really what it looks like.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter.Opens in a new window
Revlon lip butters aren't out in the UK yet but when they are i am going to buy loads of them. I think they will be coming soon anyway.I have only heard really good reviews on them so that's good. I heard they are very sheer but make your lips so soft.I picked out some really pretty colour's i want to try out from top to bottom: Creamsicle,Creme Brulee,Cotton Candy.Are you excited for they're arrival ???
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter.Opens in a new window
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter.Opens in a new window
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter.Opens in a new window

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Review-Fearne Brush Kit

 Hey everyone, for Christmas i got this Fearne Brush Kit and i have been loving them.I think they were around £20 and that is the cost of like one make brush.The thing with the brushes is they are so cute they have floral print on them and pink bristles. They are really soft and i love double sided brushes.I rate this 10/10 i think if you guys are looking for cheap brushes you should try Fearne Brushes.

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Super Scent Sunday:Cheeky Alice

Hey everyone, I know it's not Sunday yet but i was desperate to do this post.Today I choose Vivienne Westwood Cheeky Alice. Vivienne Westwood came out with a perfume called Naughty Alice and it was really floral and so is Cheeky Alice.The names of the perfumes like Naughty Alice and Cheeky Alice are kind of strange since they are nothing like naughty or cheeky.
Free GiftCheeky Alice

Heart Notes-

Top Notes-
Lily of the Valley

Base Notes-

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