Friday, 20 April 2012

New Spring Soap!

Hey everyone,
                     I did a Dior palette review and said it was from my Auntie and she also sent me a soap. Which is from Island Mystk in the scent Outragous Orange which is a really nice scent. It's very strong citrus and has a nice natural orange scent to it. It has in it Sapinified Coconut Oil & Palm Oil, Rice Milk, Honey, Lemon and Essential Oil. I have heard of some other scents I want to try out.

This is a perfect soap size and shape you can cut bits of or even take the whole thing in the shower. It's got kind of has a brownish swirl things in it but it makes it look really natural. I like the way it leaves your skin soft and smooth like really i'm not just saying that! As it is I would say I love this soap it feels good and does good so it's a win/win.

Lots of lovely love,

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