Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!!!

Hey everyone,
                     It's Christmas! It's so weird how fast the year went through. I had such fun today giving presents (opening tons too) and eating. I have a little bit of time before we start celebrating again. I'm sitting up with tea and chocolates (I really don't know how I can eat anything else). I want to do a 'what I got for Christmas' video or post if you guys want. I got thousands of nice presents I want to thank people and share. I was so happy with all my gifts and really am grateful. Most of my friends watch my videos and I would like them to see how much I am grateful for the thought. I have just been handed the most delicous desert and corrie has just finished (dramatic!). If you guys don't mind I'm going to go to eat.

  Lots of Love,

Saturday, 15 December 2012

My Christmas traditions!

Hey everyone,
                     So I'm going to be sharing my Christmas traditions with you! These traditions I have just managed to do every year I remember.

1. Drink as many Holiday Costa and Starbucks drinks I can.
Okay, I know this isn't very tradition but I do it every year. So far I have managed to drink from Starbucks the Eggnog latte and the Carmel Chocolate latte. From Costa I have tried Gingerbread latte and Salted Caramel latte. They are amazing and warm you up.

2. Always get a yummy smelling holiday candle.
I always make sure I have a holiday candle burning. This year I got a lovely Yankee Candle called Christmas Eve.

3. Always have TURKEY!
I couldn't imagine haven't anything else I just love turkey. It's sooo yummy! I could eat tons of it.

Lots of Love,
Lucy xo

Question: What's your Christmas Traditions?

Friday, 23 November 2012

First thought- BIBA fake eyelashes

I got these free from house of frasers they do look a bit mad right? The top pair have gems at the top and neon green strips. The second pair are long but look almost normal compared to the first pair. I am excited to wear these to maybe a party.
Full Review soon!

Lots of Love,
Lucy xo

The ring of beauty: Spend the big bucks!

Hey everyone,
                     This weeks theme on the series ' The ring of beauty' is spend the big bucks. So this is full of the most luxurious, expensive makeup. I would never buy all this, but if you had a lot of cash to splash it's perfect! The categories are:

Face <3


Lip balm
Lip stick or Lip gloss

Last but not least<3

The look <3

The foundation- Chanel VITALUMIÈRE AQUA
Blend this foundation in with your brush for a flawless complexion.

The Blush- Givenchy Le prisme
Use a nice fluffy blush brush and sweep this on your cheeks. You can use the colours individually or mix them together.

The Bronzer- Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Bronze Powder
Sweep this on your cheek bones for a lovely glow.

The Concealer- Clarins Instant Light Brush
Put this on all your imperfections and under your eyes.

The highlighter- Benefit Watts Up!
Yes, I added in a highlight, just to give you an extra glow add this again to anywhere you want to brighten.

The eyeshadow- Clarins Mineral Mono
Apply some sparkle to your eyelids.

The eyeliner-Lancome Noir Artliner
Make your eyes pop with this eyeliner, apply a fine line on your eyes.

The Mascara- Bobbi Brown Extreme Party
Put a few coats of this on your eyelashes.

The lip balm- Bobbi Brown SPF 15
Put some of this lovely, gorgeous lip balm on.
The lip balm (In this case gloss as well)- Illamasqua lip duo Neutral
Put the lipstick on then put the lip gloss over it to make it look shiney.

The perfume- Tom Ford Black Orchid
Spritz some of this rich perfume on now.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Hey everyone,
                    So this is just an early gift guide for her. It's perfect to get a friend, teenage daughter, mum and even wife. Some is a cute little stocking filler and some are things I would die to get.

Ted Baker The name on every ones lips-
This is the one thing I'm always eyeing up in boots. I think it's a boots exclusives but I just think it's beautiful. The packaging does but also the colours. It is kind of like the Clinque Chubby Sticks. They're only £15.

New look Pink Pom Pom socks-
You always need to get socks, slippers, dressing gowns, etc for Christmas. These are fluffy cute socks I think they are CUTE! It has grips on the bottom so you can't slip on the floors. They're only £2.99
Fuscia (Pink) Pink Pom Pom Socks | 263503077 | New Look

New look Grey Owl Sparkly Owl Ear Hoddie-
This is the cutest hoddie ever! This would be great to wear to keep cosy around the house or even outside. I love how it has the cutest little ears on the hood. It's £16.99
Chocolate (Brown) Grey Owl Face Sparkly Ear Hoodie | 263610227 | New Look
Hollister So Cal Pink Scarf-
I love these cool loop scarfs they are cute and easy to put on. I really like the Hollister scarfs this feels so soft. Pink is my favourite colour so I would pick this colour but you can get other colours and prints. It's £24.00

Vivabox Perfume Selection-
This is so cool! It's a great way to try out new fragrances. I really want this it's a better gift than getting just one big perfume. This is only £34.99 it's good for getting to try out 7 perfumes (Juicy Couture Viva la juicy, Nina Ricci Nina, Lacoste Touch of Pink, BOSS Orange, Very Irrésistible Givenchy, Elizabeth Arden Red Door, Paco Rabanne Lady Million)
Women's Fragrance Selection Vivabox
17 bronzing kit-
This is a really good kit for everyday, since it's winter you can't get tanned easily. I think all the products look amazing and it's a nice cheaper gift. I would really want this from a friend. It's only £12.00.

Soap and Glory Sexy Kohl eye kit-
I have wanted this for ages. I don't have many eyeliners so this is perfect. Soap and Glory is amazing quality as well.

Aroma Home Snuggle Hottie Microwavable Owl-
This would be so nice for a cozy day in or when your sick. It's sooooo cute! It's also a nice gift for a friend or sister. I think it's pricey for it though it's £20.00

Lots of Love,
Lucy xox 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The cutest hand cream ever!

Hey everyone,
                    When I went on holiday to Edinburgh I came across a cute boutique that was selling owl hand creams. I have seen Stilababe09 with one of these and I thought they were soooo cute. I just couldn't not get it...

I got the pink one of course! This was one has a yummy wild rose scent. The cream inside is also very good it's thick, non greasy and moisturising. I like to just sit this beside my bed and use it. It's cute and does help my dry hands. I think this is the perfect Christmas  gift for your friends.

Lots of Love,
Question- What colour and scent would you buy xo

Monday, 5 November 2012

Review: Nivea lip balms!!!

Hey everyone,
                     Since it's colder weather your lips get dryer. Just as well Nivea have loads of different lip balms to help. I even have a sun protect one to for Summer. So as I'm watching Made in Chelsea with a mug of hot chocolate I thought I could get a post up. I am so busy now sorry about the lack of posts.

My 5 lovely lip balms <3-

Nivea Pearly Shine-
This is the best tinted lip balm I've tried in ages. It helps in both areas to moisturise but also to add a nice colour. I really love this and feel as if it's now my handbag essential. I like the way it leaves my lips. Some people might disagree but I can't get enough of it.

Nivea Pure&Natural milk and honey-
Who doesn't love the scent of sweet honey. I love this it's amazing! My lips feel so buttery soft after I apply this. The scent just adds to it, I use this under all lipsticks. It helps with your dry lips extremely well. It doesn't feel heavy or sticky on your lips either.

Nivea Soothe and Protect-
This is your normal smells like nothing but does good. It instantly makes my lips feel soft. I like to put this on before bed. It is enriched with natural ingredients Bisabolol and Wheat Germ Oil, and has SPF 15.

Nivea Essential Care-
This is just a nice old style lip balm. Nothing else to say really. It has no scent at all and isn't very greasy. Again it's one of those 'don't really need it' lip balms. If you just want a good simple lip balm for face, heels, lips here you go!
Nivea Sun Protect-
I took this on holiday in my carry on bag and it came in holiday a lot. Your lips can also dry up in the hot weather. So I used this a lot, it doesn't smell strongly either. It's just protect your lips it also moisture's.

See you soon,

Question-Have you tried any Nivea lip balms?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Happy Birthday to mwah!

Hey everyone,
                        Big kisses and hugs to everyone that wished me a happy birthday. I love you guys sooo much. I got lots of nice things from family and friends which I will have a what I got for my birthday video on my youtube channel. I love everything! I have just managed to squeeze in time for this post before I go out for tea. This week on Friday I'm off to Edinbrugh also going to glasgow and getting nails done. I have had an amazing day and would like to thank everybody. Finally getting a new flip-over video camera was the icing on the perfect cake!!! <3 <3

Lots of Lovely Love,
When ever I get my What I got for my Birthday video up I will link it down below ;)

Monday, 15 October 2012

The ring of beauty! xo

Hey loveys,
                     I'm going to do a new post called 'The ring of beauty' I will do it when ever I have time. It's basically Just like some products that make a look. This weeks theme is drugstore makeup look. I tag everyone to do this! Okay the categories are...
Foundation, tinted moisturiser...
lipstick, lipgloss ( or in this case lipbutter)

My Main Face Product Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream: Blend this with fingers for a more natural look.
Then I'm using a 17 concealer: Apply this on your imperfections.
Then Revlon PhotoReady Bronzer: A nice sweep on your cheekbones.
Now add Revlon PhotoReady Blush: Don't focus on the apples of your cheeks.
Then for eyes is Loreal Trio: Use the medium colour all over the lid, put the dark one on the on top and use the light one on your corners and browbone to lighten it up a bit.
For eyeliner I'm using Tatoo Me 17: Do a fine line a do a slight wing.
Mascarra is maybelline falsies: Apply a nice coat on your lashes.
Then I'm using Balmi lip balm: Just apply this as normal.
For lips I'm using Revlon Strawberry Shortcake lip butter: Apply some not a lot though.
Justin Bieber Girlfriend perfume: Spray this on your neck and wrists to smell yummy!

Lots of Love,
 I tag all of you guys if you do it tell me your blog name and I will check it out!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

My perfume collection!!! xo

Hey everyone,
So I just uploaded my perfume collection but I didn't do a full review so I will do one. I will link the video at the end of the page.

Viva la juicy by Juicy Couture-
This is such a cute perfume it's also nice and girly I adore it. It smells sweet, fruity and floral so their are a lot of different scents going on. It doesn't last long or linger on your skin. The body lotion that comes with it is good and lasts long so I would say you should put the lotion on then the perfume. This scent it like a classic well what I mean is every Beauty fanatic owns it. Maybe it's because it Juicy Couture or the cute bottle I don't know but it is so popular.

Notes- Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Jasmine, Wild Berries, Mandarin, Amber, Caramel, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Praline

Britney Spears Fantasy-
Everyone owns this perfume! Yet, again I go for a really popular scent because you know it's going to be good. I got this scent today. It smells like cupcakes with a twist. It's got a cute bottle and looks nice and fun on your dressing table. As it's studded with crystals and is a lovely pink colour. The in locking rings at the top are to represent everlasting love.
Notes- Red Lychee, Golden Quince, Kiwi, Musk, Orris Root, Sensual Woods, Jasmine Petals, White Chocolate, Orchid

Jennifer Lopez Live-

This is one of the first real perfumes I got. And I still love it now. I have almost used it all up. The bottle is like a genie bottle it's all different colours. It's affordable as well and smells good which is always a bonus. If your younger this is a great perfume for you.
Notes- Peony, Pineapple, Vanilla

Thierry Mugler Womanity-
This is a nice perfume but not my fave. I've finished my bottle up though but it's not a womenly scent weirdly it smells like aftershave. I find the bottle intresing and unique and it looks cool. Just the scent the notes include caviar ewww.
Notes- Citrus, Green Notes, Chutney, Black fig, Caviar, Sea Water, immortal, cedar, vetiver, opoponax
The Taste of Fragrance Womanity Thierry Mugler for women
Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue-
I'm not too keen on this anymore. It does have a nice scent it's sort of citrus and spice. It's a bit too unique for me if I'm honest. I like my super sweet girly scents. This is a nice 'holiday' scent I guess. Just as well I bought 25ml because I don't use it that much. It has a nice simple bottle though.
Notes- Granny Smith Apple, Sicilian Cedar, Cedarwood, Amber, Musks, Jasmine, White Rose, Bamboo

Avril Lavigne forbidden Rose-
I love this scent! It's amazing it's not like other celebrity perfumes. It smells floral but with some deeper, darker notes. It's really unique like the creator. It has a lovely bottle and a rose for the top. I wear it so much it's a really wearable scent. I would say that you could were this when you 10 and even 40. You could pull it off!
Notes- Red Apple, Pepper, Peach, Lotus, Heliotroupe, Granny Smith Apple, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Mexican Chocolate
Forbidden Rose Avril Lavigne for women
Sample Wonderstruck Taylor Swift-
I forgot to show this perfume in my collection. It's only a tiny sample but I'm getting good use out of it. It smells amazing sort of sweet and smells a bit like grapes. I love the full size bottle as well. It lasts long on your skin as well. I don't have the full size so I can't really judge it. 
Notes- Hawaiian White Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Mimosa Flower, Vanilla Whoopee Pie, Freesia, Green Tea, Apple Blossom, Raspberry, Dewberry, Amber, Sandalwood, musk, peach
My Harjuku Lovers Collection...

Harajuku Lovers Original G-
This was my first ever perfume! It is the Original G. She's smells lovely and looks cute I love her. I still have her now on my dressing table. She smells lovely on your skin I have almost used her up. That's good though because I have had her for 3 years.
Notes- sandalwood, apple skin, jasmine, white cottonwoods, coconut cream, magnolia, freesia, mandarin

Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style G-
I love this scent and a lot of my friends wear it. It's a very fresh and fruity scent and smells great on the skin. The Wicked Style collection is so cool as they all have cool velvet heads. I do really love this simple, girly scent though. I do wish the watermelon was stronger as I love watermelon scents.
Notes- apple, peach, pineapple, melon, peony, tuberose, raspberry, musk, aquatic notes
Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style G Harajuku Lovers for women
Harajuku Lovers Super G-
Cute or what! OMG! I thought they couldn't get any cuter. This is sooo fruity though some people say it has a mix of floral too but it doesn't. She has a cute little spots and stripes outfit on. A cool thing about this is the writing on the bottle is blue which I found cool for some reason.
Notes- Pineapple, Mandarin, Freesia, Banana, Musk, Vanilla, Raspberry

Harajuku Lovers Jingle G-
This smells like Christmas. From the pine tree to the candy canes. It smells lovely on your skin and as it's getting colder it's perfect. It makes you feel warm inside. It's a Strong scent that you can smell of your skin. She has nice warm rosy cheeks and is wearing a Santa costume. It has this little hook thing to hang from your x-mas tree.
Notes- Gardenia, Tangerine, white Star Fruit, honeysuckle, jasmine, orange blossom, vanilla, cedar, benzoin
Jingle G Harajuku Lovers for women

Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Love-
This I was lucky enough to get for FREE! I got it free because a lady that worked in boots said that they couldn't sell them anymore cause they were limited edition and gave me it. She has the cutest hair and sunglasses like ever. I love love love her. She smells fruity but not overly fruity so that's always a bonus jonas.
Notes-  Nectarine, Passion Fruit, Lemon Blossom Plumeria, Osmanthus, Rose Petals, Vanilla, Orchid, Coconut Water, Sensual Musk, Sandalwood
Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Love Harajuku Lovers for women
Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Music-
When I smell this I feel like I'm at a really clean, sunny beach a bit like when I went to Poole Sandbanks beach. It smells fresh, clean and like a cool splash of water. I know that sounds weird. It smells as if it has maybe like water notes in it to me.
Notes- Juicy Pear, Granny Smith Apple, Dewy Freesia, Tiger Orchid, Jasmine Petals, Honeysuckle Base: Cashmere Woods, Creamy Musk, Precious Woods
                                                                          Lots of Love,


Monday, 17 September 2012

3 back to school outifts!

Hey everyone,
                     Okay it's back to school now aww :( My school in Scotland have a uniform but say I went to a school with no uniform this is what I would wear...

Outfit No.1-

The stylish girl wears...

New Look Grey Cross T shirt~ £11.99
New Look zip detail skinny jeans~ £17.99
New Look Black patent Brogues~ £17.99
Paul Frank Shopper Bag~ £17.99

The girly girl wears...

Pauls Boutique Sweater~ £40
M&Co Kylie High waisted jeans~ £20
Lipsy Leopard Tote~ £55
Superdry T shirt~ £25
Doc Martin White 8 lace boots~ £90

The Rocking girl wears...

Quiz moustache t shirt~ £10.99
New Look Union Jack Leggins~ £9.99
DaisyStreet Ruck Sack~ £25.99
Converse Boots~ £55

Thanks for reading,
Question for this post is what was your fave outfit I showed? <3

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pucker up xo!

Hey everyone,
                     I changed my blog name to pucker up! I just wanted you guys to know and if anyone wants to be an author for my blog as well as me just comment and say. On youtube my name is lucyamazingjuicy still! For those who were wondering.

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 29 July 2012

LUSH Emotional brilliance line!!!

Hey everyone,
                    As I'm in Poole the home of LUSH I thought I should do a post on their new Emotional brilliance line! I'm soooo excited to get my hands on these products. But before I get started at Poole they have a LUSH spa and I think they have one in Leeds as well. I want to go to a LUSH spa for my birthday so if your birthday is coming up you could defo go. Anyway so the deal with this Emotional Brilliance thing is that in the shop or at the LUSH you can spin a wheel and you pick three colours. So the colours that you get are what you are feeling at that moment. And if you wear that colour you will feel that emotion. I went in the LUSH shop at Poole and the emotions my sister,mum and me were feeling were...

  • Lifted (eye)
  • Charm (lip)
  • Drive (lip)

My sister-

  • Calm (eye)
  • Glamorous (lip)
  • Success (eye)


  • Glamorous (lip)
  • Bubbly (lip)
  • Fantasy (eye)

They are kind of pricey at £14.50! But I think they are worth it because the pigments are handmade with different ingredients. If you get a bright colour that you are scared to wear it on your eyes you can put it on the back of your hand.
Lots of Love,