Friday, 30 March 2012

Easter wishlist !!!

Hey everyone,
1. No7 Vital brights collection cream blush blooming pink-I want this cause it looks like Spring and I love cream formula blushes. You can get this HERE!
2. OPI Gelcolor collection pink flamenco- This Spring I am loving pink so this would look great also gel nails are in this Spring. You can get this HERE!
3. Beadazzle Boutique Amethyst Eleven Shamballa Bracelet- I love the se Shamballa jewellery. I have a pair of pink shamballa earings but not a bracelet and this amethyst one is to die for. You can get it HERE!
4.DKNY Sweet Delicious- These look so yummy !!! The scents sound so delicious from the top Tart Key Lime, Pink Macaroon and Creamy Meringue. I am intrested in Creamy Meringue wonder if it smells like vanilla or something.You can get it HERE!
5. Lush Easter collection The Carrot- Last but not least it's LUSH !!! Just look at this do you see my point it smells like which has a lovely blackcurranty scent, together with lemon and bergamot to give this carrot an unexpectedly tropical touch. It's a bubble bar that you can use again. You can get it HERE!   
                                                  Lots of Love,

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