Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Shape up for Summer!

Hey everyone,
                   So today's post is one for Summer! I need to shape up for Summer and bet some others do too. If you guys find this helpful leave a comment share this please. I will just share a few tips to get your summer body for your bikini/swimsuit/tankini you want to wear!

Diet or Healthy Eating-

So my new healthy eating plan NOT DIET!


Tea or coffee followed with water.
Granola with Greek yogurt for milk and chopped strawberries.


An Apple or my fave a nectarine.


Today I had Tuna Salad ingredients were: Tuna lol, Herbs parsley etc, lighter mayo, salad sauce, sour cream, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and stripped carrots.


A bag of crisps and maybe a bit of chocolate and tea.
Feta Cheese and Watermelon.


Truthfully tonight I had a MD's but I have lots of different food made by my mum my fave meals are: Risotto, Pasta and soup.


Tea yes again! Also like a small bit of chocolate.

Okay, that's my diet before I get on to fitness I will say a few things. You need a good breakfast to stop you snacking so often. FRUIT! Maybe I don't have 5 a day but an apple a day keeps the doctor away and also the baggy clothes. I like to snack yes doesn't everyone but my diet before was SHOCKING. I also recommend having a range of food so you have options. Remeber the almount of meat, chicken and fish you eat should be the size of your palm.

Fitness My routine-

I do walking/running,
Swimming every now and then.
Practise Dance a lot!
More Dance
Wii Dane Games
Jump Rope

I'm too young to join a gym but see how much you can do at home. I like to do about 10 or 20 sit-ups each night also 40 crunches. I put my earphones in and go around my block about 3 times. Jump Rope for 5 minutes and then dance till forever. Doing things helps your body but also you feel good confident and I love the way you can go to bed as soon as you shut your eyes.

I will try and keep this up not just for summer xoxo have a great Summer

Lots of Love,

Posts Coming are- 
What's in my suitcase
Holiday Time
My beauty travel bag
Nice Easy sweatproof makeup for water parks 

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  1. Aaaw u look so cute hun.You can do it for sure. Just needs lots of discipline. I actually had to go through that too just the opposite I wanted to gain weight as people say i look to skinny then. Luckily after 3-6 months i finally reached my goal.
    Kiss doll :)