Sunday, 10 June 2012

Father's Day Fragrances&My Super Scent Sunday!

Hey everyone,
                    I have a long post today! I'm going to do a selection of fragrances that I thought my dad and others would like. After that my usual women's Super Scent Sunday. For Father's day I think aftershave is a nice thoughtful gift so here's my selection-

Thierry Mugler A*Men limited edition fragrance-

The notes are ice mint and juniper, spicy white pepper and cardamom. Finally, a woody explosion of sequoia wood and patchouli. I like this scent and I love the women's version Angel it's amazing! It has the same sort of scent as Angel but it's a bit more manly.

JLS Kiss-

My dad would laugh if I had bought him this! But anyway the notes are Energising notes of Peach Skin, Loganberry and cheeky Cassis allure the senses straight into the deep heart of white Jasmine, Tuberose absolute, Neroli Flower and sensual Black Orchid which add passion which is supported by a hypnotic base of hot Amber crystals, white Musk, Patchouli and rich Oakmoss to add longevity. WOW! The scent smells good maybe for younger dads. I do like it though it says that Aston loved the cheeky cassis note. Oritsé added the sensual black orchid as it is his favourite flower. Marvin adores Tuberose. JB wanted the hypnotic scent of amber crystals lingering on the skin.

Polo Blue
Polo Ralph Lauren Blue Sport-

This is the scent I'm most likely to get my dad. The notes are  Frosted Mint, Mandarin, Crunchy Apple, Crushed Leaves, Cedar Leaf, Water Fern, Ginger, Sage, Cascalone Amber Wood, White Musk, Oakmoss, Sandal Wood, Patchouli. I like this scent as well very manly and sporty.

Super Scent Sunday


Thierry Mugler Alien-

I am a fan of Angel but Alien is very different but yet I love it. It smells really nice and very womanly. I like the bottle for this it's so cool and creative like Angel. I heard they have a taste range or something out with the Alien perfumes. The notes rich floral woody amber containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber.

Lots of Love,

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