Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Not Impressed!

Hey everyone,
                    So who else was so excited to get their hands on Impress Nails. No glue and it's cheaper than a proper manicure.  I picked up lovestruck which is kind of a purple, orange flower thing. It does kind of look like stain glass. Anyway, I put them on the night for a family thing I had in the morning. I had saw reviews and everyone claimed they lasted while eating, in the shower and just generally. They don't last at any of these! The water took most of them off and before I knew it all of my backups were gone. So I ended up with no Impress nails to wear! Maybe I should have put them on before I left for my family thing. I'm not wasting my money on them ever again it's better just use glue and get a manicure.

Lots of Love and sorry about this being out of focus,

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  1. i was going to buy these but not anymore!!!
    just wanted to say i've changed the name of my blog and the web adress and i know you were one of my followers so i just thought you should know!!!!xxx
    It used to be Marshmallow beauty but now its

    taaaaa xxxx