Friday, 4 May 2012

Cosmo Blog Awards 2012-Read Me Please!

Hey everyone,
                     I heard about the Cosmo Blog Awards and went crazy! I read Cosmo mag all the time and would love you all to death if I saw my name in there! This is a little reminder and just to say really please do vote for me! I don't think I will win because my blog is rubbish compared to some. i don't mind if I don't win and I still love and care for you all. I really hope to be at least mentioned and would be grateful and thankful if you voted me
HERE to vote me!

P.S- If you don't vote me it's fine I understand! I blog because I love it and not to win things and get money for reviews. Blogging is a hobby I enjoy and I meet new friends through it that I will never forget. I love each and every follower and each comment and view means the most to me!
Lots of Love,

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