Friday, 4 May 2012

Thank you MissLV!

Hey everyone,
                     Today (Friday) I found a package from the lovely great blogger MissLV. If you are reading this I am truly thankful and grateful Jennifer! I got not 1 but 3 lovely items each one beautiful in it's own way! My mum was very jealous of my MAC lipstick which I will go ahead and share with you all:

Lipstick Angel:
My lipstick is a lovely colour and formula! I am buzzing about how I got this lovely colour from Jennifer. It's got a lovely frost and I think it would be nice for a light look. It looks a lovely pale pink and has a lovely shimmer.

Nail Polish Lilac Storm 17:
I love the pigmentation of this and the shade! It's a lovely lilac with a silver undertone shimmer. It looks great on the nails and is now my fave nail polish and I will be doing a NOTD.

Necklace Teddy Bear Primark:
Jennifer you have great taste! I love this necklace I am wearing it as I type this. I love it the legs of the teddy move and it looks like it's really expensive. It has a lovely little bow on it and I'm in love!

Lovely little note above! Thank you your writing is very neat hun!

                                      Lots of Love and big kisses to Jennifer,


  1. Your very welcome sweetie. So glad you liked everything :) xxx