Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Books for Beautiful Brains: Catherine Macphail Missing

Hey everyone,
                    I want to try to do a series of this 'Books for Beautiful Brains' thing. It's just a book review but a cute title why not. Also, you will know MissLV the fab and kind beauty blogger has started a daily tip post I want to do one of them weekly as well (sorry for stealing the idea). The book I'm reviewing is Missing by Catherine Macphail she's Scottish as well like mwah!

Judge the book by it's cover- It looks almost spooky and sinister which would probably pull me in to read it.

First Page- The main character Maxine is tempered and moody or competitive but  something happened in her life to make it that way. The author wrote it well!

Back of the Book- It's a thriller and sounds good and like it's based on a true story.

End- Haven't read it yet :S will and to one of my posts if I finish it.

Last words- Very good book! It got me thinking which I like instead of knowing what's going to happen. Seems as if it's based on a true story....But that would be very creepy.

Lots of Love,

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