Monday, 28 May 2012

Swatch&Shout Beauty Awards 2012!

Hey everyone,
                   Calling all beauty Gurus! Today I bring exciting's that time of the year for Shout Beauty Awards, I will talk about this at the end here's the swatch!

BYS Eyeshadow palette from Shout Magazine...
Really nice colours and sooooo pigmented! I only put my finger down on it and look at the colour! I love the shades because they're all good for everyday. It comes with a handy eyeliner and brush which is good for travelling.

The Shout Beauty Awards...
OMG! I'm so excited for this. I want to be on the judging panel you guys don't need to vote me. If you guys want to enter this then follow these steps-

The Email has to include-
Your name
Picture of Mwah!
Lastly 100 words or less on your fave beauty product!

I really want to be one of the 10 girls left!!! Go on the Shout Magazine for more details. As well as all that you also get to test out products for free and keep them I mean how many blog posts could I do on that!?!

Lots of Love,
Lucy xoxox


  1. Replies
    1. I know right! They're really nice for an everyday look as well xx

  2. Omg i sooo want to enter the judging thing!

    also i do think i have a subscribe button at the top left hand side but im not sure its the right one :S <3

    1. I want to enter toooooo! I will go check your blog now xx