Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Newspaper Nail Tutorial! Easy+Fun

Hey everyone,
                     The weeks going by quickly it's Tuesday already. This was really fun and easy to do and I think you guys would all be able to do it, so do a post on it!

It's messy at the sides woops >>>

Okay you will need..

Vodka or a strong spirit
A small bowl
10 Stirps of Magazine/Newspaper
Base coat (paler the better I used white)
Top coat I used glitter


1. Paint your nails with a base coat better with a paler colour like white.

2. When it's dry pour the vodka into the small bowl.

3. Put your nail in the bowl of vodka and wait for about 10 seconds so the nail is covered.

4. Take the strip of paper and hold it on the nail for around 20-40 seconds.

5. Peel it of gently and see the design appear.

6. Apply a top coat of your chose.

That's it sooooooooo simple

Lots of Love,
Lucy xoxox


  1. Cool! i done these a few weeks ago but i only used water but they looked just as good :) I love your new blog design!!

    P.s I think ive definitely got a subscribe button now ;)

    1. Aw cool I followed you water would be easier! Thanks for all your kind comments