Sunday, 20 May 2012

My Bourjois skin stash!!!

Hey everyone,
                     I bought these about 2 weeks ago but have been LOVING them and thought they were worth a post.

123 Perfect foundation..

Right, so you've heard of it! It's amazing and lasts so long and it says it's up to 16hrs. It has 3 pigments in it to help your skin-
Yellow pigments- anti-dark circle
Mauve pigments- anti-dull complexion
Green pigments- anti-redness
It isn't exactly matte but has a matte sort of finish on your skin which looks great. It's not like a thick paste but not like theirs nothing on your face either.

Bourjois concealer stick...

Wow the covarge of this shocked me! It's not again really thick but it's still got a good covarge. It's really easy to apply and stuff!!!
                                                     Lots of lovely love,
Lucy xxxx

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