Friday, 4 May 2012

April Faves!

Hey everyone,
                     I just finished my new layout and I love the way it looks it's very classic. I have a lovely line up of empty/new products:

♥ Creme De Lamer Fluid Tint ♥

This is one of my April Empties I have used up all of this. As the weather lately has been sunny I was wearing Fluid tint because it's lighter and has SPF. It's good good but light coverage and applies smoothly. I have it in the shade light and will be buying more for when Summer kicks in!

L'occitane Original Hand Cream

OMG! This was so talked about and I bought myself the pocket size and love it. It's not greasy and I like the way it leaves my hands feeling. You do only need a little bit of this but it goes far!

Moroccan Oil

All I heard was great things about this so I bought it! It's amazing doesn't add any oil to my hair at all which is great. Full review is coming soon!

Bourjois Ultra Black Mascara

I love the way my lashes are looking when I  apply this. It's very black and I am in love. If you guys want a full review just say.

Chloe by Chloe Perfume

I wear this now everyday it's light and floral which smells great. I may do a sparkly scent Sunday on the perfume.

Mac dazzleglass Roman Holiday

Lovely colour on my skin-tone it's peachy with gold and blue undertone. I did a review on this! This got a lot of bad reviews but that's maybe because of the skin-tone they have.

Revlon lip butter Lollipop

I was on a night out and I wore this colour Lollipop and realised how pretty this was. It has more of a blue undertone I would say it's such a bright pink though. It lasts long and is really moisturising.

Random faves:
New bag! I love the way this looks but the zip broke.
Mmm...I tryed out a mocha cooler from Costa it's lovely if you like cold coffee.
Been watching the old Waterloo Road series since the new one ended.
Had a great day at Edinburgh Dungeon with the family!

Yes I did Scream!

Lots of love,

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