Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Essie Launch in UK!

Hey everyone,
                     Been really focused on my youtube channel so sorry for the shortage of posts. Listening to the best song you know boyfriend by Justin Bieber! Okay, so I saw the Essie range in my boots but nothing from Essie in superdrug (maybe bigger superdrugs then.) There was a good choice but I saw this colour 'Mint Candy Apple' that every blogger owns and I instantly picked it up! It's a really unique shade it's turquoise mint light green. It applies nicely has a good applicator and looks amazing on your nails. It looks pastel perfect for Summer/Spring! I like the the bottle of this it looks really pretty with the white top, but it will get a bit dirty rolling around at the bottom of my bag. Who else was excited for the launch of Essie!!!

Lots of love,

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