Saturday, 26 May 2012

Saturday stash!

Hey everyone,
                       OMG! The weather is sooo lovely today and I'm having a BBQ. I can smell it sizzling now *Mouth waters* I want to do a post on that and stuff. This haul was supposed to be up on Saturday but I guess I never had the time. I found this on my laptop and just wanted to share it....

The 7 goodies to share are:
MUA tube lipgloss shade 4
MUA blush shade 4
MUA lipstick shade 7
MUA eyeshadow shade 11 pearl
MUA eyeshadow shade 2 pearl
Collection 2000 eyeliner black magic
Collection 2000 cream metallic gold rush
MUA mascara shade 7 (can't see it because of the black background soz)

Right so everything I got is very cheap, mostly MUA. I love MUA products and all of the products are like a £1 and they're soooo gooood.

The lipgloss....
Smells amazing lol! Looks nice and peachy pink on your lips but kind of sheer.
The lipstick....
Has great colour very pigmented. Feels nice on your lips doesn't dry them out.
The blush....
OMG! It's such a pretty colour for Spring/Summer. I got bored of my pink and switched for this matte peach pink. It looks great on tanned skin and trust me in this weather in the UK you'll get one.
The Cream eyeshadow....
Gold Rush is the nicest colour like EVER. It has a great applicator and is long lasting.
The Brown eyeshadow....
Is amazing for my everyday look. Is very pretty and pigmented so I wear it like all the time.
The pearl eyeshadow....
Lovely for an inner crease. Has a nice shimmer and can be worn as a highlight.
The eyeliner...
Nice even straight line easy to use. Very soft and lovely black shade.

Lots of lovely love,

Lucy xoxoxoxox :D <3

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