Thursday, 7 June 2012

Top 5 Soap&Glory Products!

Hey everyone,
                     For X-mas I got a big case of Soap&Glory products so that's were this all came from. I love Soap&Glory all the products have cute names and work really well. I am yet to try out more but this is my top 5 at the moment...

Calm one, Calm all-
Is sooo nice it smells great! It has almost the same scent as a Chanel perfume. This is a Bubble bath and it's sooo relaxing.

Clean on me-
Is a good fresh scented shower gel. It comes in a pump which is handy. I like to use this daily.

Hand Food-
God! This is AMAZING it is great on sore, cracked hands. I love to carry this around with me. My whole family owns a tube of this.

Mist you Madly-
I love to spray this to refresh me. It has a nice strong scent which lasts for hours. I like to spray this on my bedsheets and clothes my weird habit :S

The Righteous Butter-
This has a nice scent and is very moisturising. I don't find this greasy at all which is good. I love the creamy thickness of this.

Lots of Love,


  1. I love Hand Food and am hoping to try Clean On Me soon. :) x

    1. Hand food is sooo good and I think you'll like clean on me!!! xoxox

  2. hand food sounds great!!! :) xoxoxoxox