Friday, 15 June 2012

My Skin Wake Up Fresh Facial Wipes+New makeup remover!

Hey everyone,
                     I've stopped the Beauty Tips and Tricks posts because I'm getting fed up of doing them. Anyway, I bought these My Skin Wake Up Fresh Facial Wipes and a new makeup remover.

My Skin Wake Up Facial Wipes Review-

The thing that got me to buying this is the packaging it's so pretty it's a light purple colour with pink,orange,white and blue flowers. This is a Naturally Gentle Skincare product! This has 25 wipes in it and I have used about 2 and am impressed. This is really good for younger skin since it's so natural and has raspberry and lime tree blossom. This is supposed to be a cleanser but can be used for removing makeup and moisturise. It also keeps skin clear and helps prevent blemishes. I want to use this morning and night for my daily regime. It does refresh your skin so perfect for school days. It also has Climicifuga which helps control excess oil and shine. Overall I love the wipes sooo much!

My new makeup remover:
Has anyone tried this out it looks good!

Lots of Love,

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