Wednesday, 14 March 2012

No7 lipsticks 3 for 2 + No7 Vital Brights collection !

Hey everyone,
Sorry I have been away for a while I had a couple of family issues. Now I am here I wanted to do a post on some drugstore lipsticks:

The first color is power I bought two of them one for my Auntie. It's from the Poppy King collection they have lovely colors. So I just had to buy two of them!!! It is a kind of Rosy color I guess it has nude in it as well. It came with a little note (really cute right!) I posted a picture and you can read it I think. The box is very cute I am a sucker for packiging.

The second colour is Blooming Pink from the Vital Brights collection (I will talk about later). As you can see it is so bright and perect for spring. It was £10.00 which to be honest is expensive for a drugstore product. It has a nice glossy finish and it lasts long. It's not a colour that everybody can pull of but it's wearable sometimes.

                                                       VITAL  BRIGHTS
No7 came out with a new Spring collection called Vital Brights. It's not that great but is pretty,floral and bright for Spring. The products from the left:

Cream blush-Blooming pink or Blossoming pink, Bright, Eye Palette-one shade, Enlightening Highlighter-one shade and  Lipsticks-Blossoming pink or Blooming pink.


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