Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The songs I'm loving !

Hey everyone, I want to do a quick blog post on some music I love. I like music that's on the charts and stuff. Lets get started!

I want U back-Cher Lloyd
Who else loves this song and Cher. I adore the video its very beauty guru like. I like the clothes and makeup in this video. I find the tune addicting and i love the clever lyrics.

                                         International Love-Chris Brown & Pitbull
This never gets old even though I listen to it all the time. Do you guys like this song? I think i love it cause Pitbull and Chris Brown are in it my 2 fave male artists.

                                           Jar of hearts - Christina Perri
I like this one for everyone that's been hurt before by a boy. It's a slow tuneful song it's really pretty. It's the first time i have heard of Christina Perri and shes really good.

Thanks for reading

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