Friday, 23 November 2012

The ring of beauty: Spend the big bucks!

Hey everyone,
                     This weeks theme on the series ' The ring of beauty' is spend the big bucks. So this is full of the most luxurious, expensive makeup. I would never buy all this, but if you had a lot of cash to splash it's perfect! The categories are:

Face <3


Lip balm
Lip stick or Lip gloss

Last but not least<3

The look <3

The foundation- Chanel VITALUMIÈRE AQUA
Blend this foundation in with your brush for a flawless complexion.

The Blush- Givenchy Le prisme
Use a nice fluffy blush brush and sweep this on your cheeks. You can use the colours individually or mix them together.

The Bronzer- Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Bronze Powder
Sweep this on your cheek bones for a lovely glow.

The Concealer- Clarins Instant Light Brush
Put this on all your imperfections and under your eyes.

The highlighter- Benefit Watts Up!
Yes, I added in a highlight, just to give you an extra glow add this again to anywhere you want to brighten.

The eyeshadow- Clarins Mineral Mono
Apply some sparkle to your eyelids.

The eyeliner-Lancome Noir Artliner
Make your eyes pop with this eyeliner, apply a fine line on your eyes.

The Mascara- Bobbi Brown Extreme Party
Put a few coats of this on your eyelashes.

The lip balm- Bobbi Brown SPF 15
Put some of this lovely, gorgeous lip balm on.
The lip balm (In this case gloss as well)- Illamasqua lip duo Neutral
Put the lipstick on then put the lip gloss over it to make it look shiney.

The perfume- Tom Ford Black Orchid
Spritz some of this rich perfume on now.

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