Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The cutest hand cream ever!

Hey everyone,
                    When I went on holiday to Edinburgh I came across a cute boutique that was selling owl hand creams. I have seen Stilababe09 with one of these and I thought they were soooo cute. I just couldn't not get it...

I got the pink one of course! This was one has a yummy wild rose scent. The cream inside is also very good it's thick, non greasy and moisturising. I like to just sit this beside my bed and use it. It's cute and does help my dry hands. I think this is the perfect Christmas  gift for your friends.

Lots of Love,
Question- What colour and scent would you buy xo


  1. aww, its so cute!
    i think a blue one would be nice, like a sort or turquoise colour?xo

  2. I bought my friend one of these for christmas!:)<3