Monday, 5 November 2012

Review: Nivea lip balms!!!

Hey everyone,
                     Since it's colder weather your lips get dryer. Just as well Nivea have loads of different lip balms to help. I even have a sun protect one to for Summer. So as I'm watching Made in Chelsea with a mug of hot chocolate I thought I could get a post up. I am so busy now sorry about the lack of posts.

My 5 lovely lip balms <3-

Nivea Pearly Shine-
This is the best tinted lip balm I've tried in ages. It helps in both areas to moisturise but also to add a nice colour. I really love this and feel as if it's now my handbag essential. I like the way it leaves my lips. Some people might disagree but I can't get enough of it.

Nivea Pure&Natural milk and honey-
Who doesn't love the scent of sweet honey. I love this it's amazing! My lips feel so buttery soft after I apply this. The scent just adds to it, I use this under all lipsticks. It helps with your dry lips extremely well. It doesn't feel heavy or sticky on your lips either.

Nivea Soothe and Protect-
This is your normal smells like nothing but does good. It instantly makes my lips feel soft. I like to put this on before bed. It is enriched with natural ingredients Bisabolol and Wheat Germ Oil, and has SPF 15.

Nivea Essential Care-
This is just a nice old style lip balm. Nothing else to say really. It has no scent at all and isn't very greasy. Again it's one of those 'don't really need it' lip balms. If you just want a good simple lip balm for face, heels, lips here you go!
Nivea Sun Protect-
I took this on holiday in my carry on bag and it came in holiday a lot. Your lips can also dry up in the hot weather. So I used this a lot, it doesn't smell strongly either. It's just protect your lips it also moisture's.

See you soon,

Question-Have you tried any Nivea lip balms?

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